Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lemon Butter Sole

My FBS this morning was 101.  I plan to make it even lower.  I tried my best to eat wheat-free today and just had 1/2 C. of rice the whole day.  When I was about to take my evening medications, I noticed I forgot to drink my am meds! Oh no! My fbs might go higher tomorrow after following an almost wheat-free diet today.  I asked Dr. Tricia if I can take it before bedtime, she said I could.

I went to Cash and Carry supermarket today and I saw a lot of things we normally do not have in Rustans!

I was able to buy Sole fish.... I cooked it ala Sole Meuniere sans the flour for dredging.

Lemon Butter Sole

250 g. Sole, cleaned and skin removed
2 T. butter
juice of half a lemon
rock salt
freshly ground black pepper

Season the fish with salt and pepper.

On a non-stick pan, melt the butter until not foamy anymore.  Then place the fish on the pan, turn when the bottom side is a bit brown and cook until the other side is also the same color.

You may add a bit more butter at this stage but I did not anymore.

Season the lemon juice with salt and pepper and pour over the fish.  Let it sizzle then transfer the fish on a plate.

I assembled a small plate of salad with no dressing.  I actually prefer my salad this way instead of adding vinaigrette which I find too tart sometimes and I do not like the taste of olive oil.

I just added green pears and black grapes to romaine lettuce.

I enjoyed my dinner so much!

My loot from Cash and Carry.....

Peanut oil, Suka tuba and Mama Sitas Inasal Marinade!!!  I am excited about the sukang tuba because in Cebu that was what they use for the dipping sauces of the lechon and the ngo hiong!!!!

I made my very first successful poached egg this morning!!!   Hahahaha ... well ... almost perfect.

Chef Rainbow taught us, it was so easy!!! I used water instead of oil to fry the egg!

Food Diary:


1 poached egg
half a can of Hot and Spicy tuna


1/4 K. Lydias Lechon
1/2 C. white rice


handful of almonds
1 pc. siomai
1 pc. of hakaw with no wrapper
1 small stick pork bbq

My Kuya offered me a lot of snacks for merienda but I just got 1 pc. each.


250 g. Pan-fried Sole with Lemon Butter
small plate of romaine with pears and black grapes

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