Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little bit of trouble....

FBS: 61

I am in a little bit of trouble.  My FBS is quite too low these past few days.  My friends and family are alarmed already.  They even wanted me to rush myself to the ER!  I said, what can they do to me?  Give me glucose solution?  Can I just eat a lot today?  My doctor friends said I HAVE to eat "normally" until my Endocrinologist adjusts my medication. 

I am not starving myself, I even eat rice two times a day.  I ate a lot of food yesterday, I had guests for lunch and dinner and had several servings of Minatamis na Saging.  They said, something must be wrong with me because in spite of eating so much food, my sugar was dropping to the low 60s.

We will find out soon.  I already scheduled a blood test tomorrow morning and I plan to go to Dr. Gia Wassmer on Tuesday.

It was raining the whole day  ... perfect for snuggling under the blanket or ... for soup, champorado and tuyo!!!

The soup I had today was a little weird  hahahaha because I could not go out and buy the right ingredients. I just made do with what I had.  It was a cross between Tinola and Nilaga!  Just the same, it was perfect for a rainy day. 

Since my sugar was very low today and my friends were getting nervous about it, I had Saba con "chunky" yelo for merienda! 

I have an electric ice crusher which I used for my pastry shop before.  Hermie said she was too tired to look for it in the bodega for a single serving!  She just pounded the ice, not snow like but hail like!!! hahahahaha I did not take issue with her anymore because she has been tired from the moment we started preparing for my guests.

I asked Tita Portia if she wanted to eat Tuyo because I was going to buy in Rustan's, Rockwell.  She said, yes and would also like it with Champorado!

Food Diary:


2 hard-boiled eggs.  I was able to cook perfect hard boiled eggs today!  I got tips from Lisa and Bibo.


Tinola/Nilaga Soup
Fried Rice with vegetables and leftover grilled liempo


Saba con yelo
2 pcs. siomai
1 pc. hakaw
2 pcs. steamed shrimp balls


1/2 C. white rice
3 pcs. Tuyo
1 fried tomato

*I received Holy Communion today.  I figured, if I need to raise my sugar, what better carb to eat than the wafer of the Eucharist.

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