Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taro Puff

Still no FBS report.

I have this Taro Puff obsession these past few days.  It is one of the dim sum that is somewhat allowed because it is wheat-free but not really healthy because it is deep-fried.  I love the one at Luk Yuen, almost tastes like the Taro Puff in Hong Kong.

I went to Luk Yuen, Glorietta last Sunday but as soon as I told the server that I would like one order of Taro Puff, she said, they ran out of stock!!! Goodness! I was thinking .... where to go... where to go that I will not get wet because it was raining quite hard.  I parked my car in the basement of Glorietta.

Then I remembered there is  Le Ching in Trinoma!  All I needed to do was ride the MRT.  When I got there, I was placing my order when the cashier said the man before me just got the last order of Taro Puff!!! What?!?!?!  I was going crazy already.  I saw a security guard and asked if there was a David's Teahouse in the area.

Yes, at the garden wing.  I had to wait for a while and when it arrived, the serving was just 2 pieces!!!!  And I think they used margarine with the mashed taro.  I did not give up, I crossed to SM North, there is a bridgeway, you will not get wet and looked for a dim sum place. But the list of restaurants I have on my phone was not accurate, they all closed down already.  I thought... ok I know in Araneta Center there is a branch of Gloria Maris.

As I was about to exit The Block, I saw Gloria Maris!  I immediately asked if they have Taro puff and the waiter said yes!  It was OK but it was not the taste I was looking for.

So this morning, when I went out of my room, I saw that it was a bit sunny! I immediately called up Jing and asked her if she wanted to accompany me to Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant on Macapagal Ave.

Ahhhhh finally ......

Taro Puff!


I told Jing to order her own because I had no plans of sharing it with her.

We also got 2 orders of Chicken feet.

I had the Shrimp Sio Mai.  I forgot to remove the wrapper!!! I am now suffering from a mild headache, one of the consequences of consuming wheat even in small amounts.

Jing ate the Spinach Dumplings.

We shared an order of Congee with Century Egg and Shredded Pork.

OK .... I know I should not have cravings in the Wheat-free diet but at least what I am craving for is not made of wheat!

Food Diary:


1/2 C. Tinapa Fried Rice
1 egg, sunny-side up


Taro Puff
Chicken Feet
Shrimp Sio Mai
half serving of Congee


4 oz. full cream milk


1/2 C. Tinapa Fried Rice
Bacon - sliced salted pork
Sauteed vegetables

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