Saturday, July 7, 2012

Seaside Market, Macapagal

FBS report card: 84

Yes! Even if I ate Talangka yesterday, my FBS this morning was still in the normal range!  I only had one serving of rice (1/2 C.) that was why there was no spike in my blood sugar level.

Ohhhh but I do not know if I will have good results tomorrow! I had back to back celebrations today. 

We had our usual Saturday family lunch and we celebrated the birthday of my Grandma. She would have been 104 years old tomorrow!  It was she who taught me how to cook.  She was the Martha Stewart of her time.

 I woke up very early to go to Seaside Market on Macapagal Ave. to buy seafood and liempo.

My menu was really simple but everybody enjoyed the lunch.

I just bought Suahe, Squid, Pork Belly and Crabs.

I asked each one what their preference was, Female, Male or Gay crabs.  Tita Portia and I like female crabs, My sister and brother both like Gay crabs.

The rest of my family do not eat crabs.

The special request of Sophie was grilled squid.

Of course, the Sotanghon Soup was for Gilly.

I now know how to cook soup without using MSG, Knorr cubes or Magic Sarap.  I only use salt, pepper, patis and a little sugar.

Green Mangoes

I grilled the Pork Belly with salt and pepper only.

Everybody loved the Grilled Shrimps with Butter Garlic.

1/2 K. Shrimps, Suahe
1 t. rock salt

Skewer the shrimps with the bamboo stick.  Season with salt.  Brush with Butter Garlic while grilling.

Butter Garlic

2 T. butter
2 T. Olive oil
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

Melt the butter in a frying pan together with the olive oil.  Brown the garlic until light golden brown.  Let cool.

My Kuya said it was like eating in Boracay!  But I told him, our food was better!

I did not eat rice because I know I was going to need to eat rice for dinner!

Corry asked me to cook for her birthday celebration with her family.

Her request: Kare Kare!

I also bought crabs for her at Seaside Market, Female, Gay and the claws!

We also had Butter Garlic Shrimps with Orange

1.5 K. Shrimp Suahe
3 t. rock salt
1 small bottle Minute Maid Orange
2 bars Magnolia Gold Butter
2 T. sugar

Melt one bar of Magnolia Gold butter in a frying pan.  Cook the garlic until light golden brown.  Remove the garlic from the butter and set aside the melted butter and toasted garlic.

In the same frying pan or wok, pour the minute maid orange juice, when it boils add the shrimps and cook until the color is orange.  Remove the shrimps from the wok and transfer onto a casserole dish.  Pour the melted butter in which the garlic was browned.

Add one bar of butter and sugar to the remaining liquid in the wok.  Let it boil until the butter melts.  Pour onto the shrimps.

Garnish with the toasted garlic.

They ordered Pork barbecue from Amber.

 There was also Pancit and Rellenong Bangus.

Ohhhh I really wonder what my FBS would be tomorrow!

Food Diary:


1 poached egg


Cashews with skin


Grilled Pork
Grilled Shrimps
Grilled Squid
Green mangoes with bagoong


pork barbecue
Garlic Butter Shrimps with Orange
Rellenong Bangus
1/2 C. rice

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