Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sans Rival from Dumaguete City

FBS: 80

I ate a lot of food yesterday at Chef's Galley and yet my FBS was low and normal this morning!  I am hoping tomorrow's result will also be good.

Sans Rival is one of the wheat-free desserts, albeit high in sugar but still... wheat free.  Corry brought a whole cake home from Dumaguete and Mona gave me a HUGE slice!

So many layers!!!  And the icing was not too sweet nor rich.  I think, maybe they added shortening.

Shortening is one of the not good fats, butter is okay.  I hope they did not use flour when they baked the wafer since it is a commercial bakery.  I bake very good Sans Rival and mine is definitely wheat-free and I use pure butter for the icing.

Nevertheless.... it is one of the best tasting Sans Rival I have eaten!  I am crossing my fingers it will not affect my FBS tomorrow morning.

I cooked Mayette's Adobo again but this time, I used cane vinegar instead of regular vinegar and used achuete oil.

It was even better!!!!  I really love Mayette's Adobo!!!

Hermie cooked sauteed vegetables. 

I complimented her and said it was really delicious! It was like pinakbet without the ginger and the alamang.

Food Diary:


1-egg cheese omelette
2 T. Macaroni Salad spread


1/2 C. rice
Chicken Adobo
Sauteed Vegetables

Late snack: (our KST merienda)

1/2 C. garlic rice
beef tapa
Tinapa flakes with black olives, capers and fresh tomatoes on a bed of shredded mustard leaves.


1/2 C. white rice
Sinigang na Bangus
small serving of Sans Rival


  1. Will definitely try your adobo recipe...never had it without soy sauce but am excited to try it put. Am sure it's just as delicious! :) Many thanks for sharing many recipes you've tried and tested in your own kitchen. Btw, am quite amused with some of your stories. :) would love to meet you in person...will order some of your chicken relleno next time am in town and hopefully will get to see you in person.

    1. Hi! I love my soyless adobo. Thanks for checking out my blog and hope to meet you also in person when you visit Manila.