Thursday, July 5, 2012

Instant Get-Together

My FBS report first..... TADA!!!!  71 this morning!  Can you believe that?  Lisa said this wheat-free diet seems to be working for me.

Jing, Sherman and I had a standing lunch date.  Ever since Sherman came home from Korea, I told him I will cook Lumpiang Shaghai because he likes it.  But Sherman and Jing have been busy lately until last night,  Jing texted me and asked if we can have our get-together today.  I said, perfect since I was still in Rustans Rockwell, I could buy the ingredients for our lunch.

I cooked Thai Bagoong Fried Rice

and Lumpiang Shanghai

I requested for Bicol Express, cooked by Sherman.

So timely, Mona, Corry and Tita Cena had to go to a wake and they also joined us.

They brought....

Chicken from Savory

Pancit Canton

 Pichi-Pichi from Ambers

Jing also bought Sans Rival from Cake Avenue since I am allowed to eat it.

It is always better for us to have instant get-togethers rather than plan it, then last minute we have to cancel because of some unforseen event.

Sherman will be leaving again next week but for Jakarta this time and then off to Kuala Lumpur.

Have a safe trip Sherman! We will miss you!

Food Diary:


1 poached egg
half a can of tuna in broth


Bagoong Rice
Chicken from Savory
Bicol Express
San Rival


I plan to eat Salad only and perhaps Beef Steak.


  1. hi!
    i saw your wheat-free diet and am interested to try, not for sugar but for weight loss!
    i see some resemblance to cohen but it is not as portion-restrictive. just to understand better, is squash/pumpkin considered as one of those items you can eat all the time?

  2. Hi! According to the book, Wheat Belly of Dr. William Davis p. 210, you can eat squash in unlimited quantities.

    His diet is really geared towards weight loss, it just so happen it is also very good for diabetes and alleviation of other symptoms and ailments.

  3. thats great to hear! :)
    am now excited to start this wheat-free diet. :D

  4. You are welcome! I hope this works for you also.