Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Remarkable Improvement!"

I showed my test results to Dr. Gia Wassmer today and she said: What a remarkable improvement!

She decreased my insulin dosage! Just by a bit but at least I achieved a small victory.  Never in my 12 years as a diabetic has my medication been decreased! The doctors would always prescribe more and more medications until I have reached the maximum allowable dosage.

I really thought before becoming an advocate of the Wheat-free lifestyle that I was hopeless.  Who would have thought that in just a few weeks my condition would improve?! I would call it a miracle because I prayed for it but I would have to give myself credit also for working so hard and for resisting temptation. Well .... most of the temptations.  Evil lurks everywhere!!!  Hahahaha Especially in the supermarket aisles.

I have been to a couple of trips lately and been lax in strictly following the lifestyle.  But I am inspired now more than ever to keep wheat away from me.  I am going to be diligent in guarding against the poison that is entering my body.

I will stop eating out more often because I cannot control what they put in the food.  Jing said, I am starting to cross over to the "dark side".  I do not want that to happen.  I am on the right track, I do not want to be derailed.

This diet/lifestyle is the most sustainable one for me because I can eat most of my favorite food.

Lechon!Shrimps! Crabs with fat! Pork and beef with fat! Chicken with skin! Food with coconut milk!  And really so much more!

I have been trying to convince Mona to try it.  She is so depressed because her cholesterol is over the roof and her doctor told her she has to change her diet/lifestyle.  She also loves all the food I mentioned.  If she follows the low-fat, healthy grain diet then she will not be able to enjoy all the good stuff. BUT.... if she becomes wheat-free..... the possibilities are endless!

I was on Lipitor for several years and my cholesterol never improved.  But being wheat-free for several weeks.... my cholesterol even went down lower than normal with NO drugs!  And so did my fatty liver.

I have a goal.... for the first time in my life ... I actually have a goal!!!

It is not to go to the beach every couple of months.... but to prove to myself that I can reverse diabetes.

Dear family and friends, wish me luck and help me by not creating a tempting environment.


  1. Im so happy for you Lia! Congratulations! I cant wait to show this post to my mom shes also a diabetic and ive been trying to convince her to stop eating wheat!- its me Happy (using google account)

    1. Hi, Happy! Thank you. Yes, do show your Mom this post, it might inspire her.