Friday, September 21, 2012

I did it!

FBS: 93

Yes! I did it!!!  My FBS this morning was only 93!!!  I hope tomorrow morning it will still be low.  I will just have salad tonight.

Hermie cooked Ginataang Langka last night and she added the fatty crabs that Jona gave me.  I reheated the leftovers for breakfast.

Mona and I ate it with Tuyo, Fried Egg and rice.

She taught me to eat it with kalamansi and boy did it make a big difference!!!

We cook our ginataang Langka the same way we cook the Bicol Express but Hermie used pure pork fat!

No wonder it tasted so sinful and deadly!

But Mona's breakfast was deadlier than mine.

At least I removed the pork fat from my ginataan, she ate the fat of the crab!!!

Hello?!?!?! Miss over the limit cholesterol?!!!  Hahahaha! We are two peas in a pod.  She knows her cholesterol is over the roof and yet she would still indulge in chicharon, chicken skin, pork chop fat and crab fat.  I am diabetic and I would "OCCASIONALLY" eat panocha and merengue.

I had lunch again at my favorite dim sum place, Golden Bay.

I am a creature of habit and had the usual suspects:

Hakaw, Siomai, Chicken Feet, Crispy Prawn Dumpling and Taro Puff.

Good thing I was done eating all the steamed dim sum, I was on my last piece of Taro Puff when I saw a black hair in the dumpling!!!!   EEEKKKK! I closed my eyes and called the floor manager and told her that there was a strand of hair! I know I should have taken a picture but I did not want to look at it or else I would have lost my lunch.  I am very queasy when it comes to hair in my food.

When I got home, I told my Kuya I am never going back there again! He said, "Why? It is only a strand of hair???"  "May shampoo ba???!?!?!"  Hahahahahahahahahahaha  

I have never written anything negative in my blog about any establishment.  I would criticize my own cooking but would never say anything bad about the food I ate in a restaurant, in terms of taste.  Well, this story is just to relate my experience today.  Would I go back?  I really do not know.  I would just put the incident behind me.

Food Diary:

1/2 C. rice
3 pcs. tuyo
1 fried egg
Ginataang Langka


Dim Sum


Salad with orange and shrimps

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