Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Never Ending......

FBS: 82

I am already embarrassed to admit .... that my birthday is never ending.  I received a birthday cake today,

Costa Brava's Caramel Cake,

given to KST Facilitators whose birthdays fall from June to October.

I could not eat the cake, just the flower icing!  I gave a huge slice each to PD, Sophia, Hermie and the rest,  will bring some to my friend, Jona, tomorrow.

I was busy cooking the whole morning.  I made Chicken Adobo and Kare-Kare for tomorrow's lunch and taught Mona how to make Pork Embutido.  I just discovered I cannot be a good teacher because I do not like my students asking a lot of questions.

Hahahahah Poor Mona .... she said, she will drop out from class.  I was such a terror teacher. 

I told her to add 3 eggs, then she asked, do I separate the white from the red???  
I answered, NO!!! I said, 3 eggs only!!!!  

I instructed her to slice the cheese on the saucer and not on the chopping board because it was wet.  What did I see??!?!  She transfered the sausage from the chopping board to the saucer I gave her for the cheese.
Mona!!!!!  Were you not listening to me earlier????  I had to wash the saucer and dry it for her.

Then I told her to add the ground pork ....  she asked, do I add all or leave some? 
Mona!!! Add the whole package of ground pork!!!!!  STOP asking questions!!! Just follow what I tell you to do!

Hehehehe ... I do not know if I am a bad teacher or Mona is a bad student.  I realized it was my first time to teach her how to cook something and let her do it herself.  Normally, I would demonstrate and she would just observe, but this morning, it was hands-on.

Food Diary:


Ham, Mushroom and Monterey Jack Cheddar Cheese omelette


1/2 C. rice
Sauteed Vegetables

Fried Lumpiang Shanghai (removed a bit of the wrapper)


Key Lime Pie filling
Hotdog (Bad)

1/4 C. rice
Fried Chicken (I gave Mona the skin)
Fries (Bad)

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