Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jona's Kare-Kare and Adobo

FBS: 78

My friend, Jona, from NY is here for a working vacation for a few weeks. She is staying at Joya North in Rockwell.

Her food request is my Kare-Kare.

She said, she really loves my Kare-Kare and modesty aside .... there is nothing like it out there.  I have tried the different versions in several restaurants ... so did my friends and they said nothing can compare to mine!

I paired the Kare-Kare with Chicken Adobo.

That makes my heart swell really big!!!!  When I am cooking for someone, I get excited and put all my effort into it.  That is .... if I am in the mood to cook!   Hahahaha And.... if I really like the person, for sure ..... said person will be able to taste the "special secret ingredient" I added into it, which is L-O-V-E!!!  So many people have asked me already to start accepting orders ... maybe I will, one of these days.

Breakfast was just garlic rice and Boneless Daing na Bangus.

Daing na Bangus

1 boneless bangus
1 t. rock salt
4 cloves garlic, chopped
freshly cracked peppercorn
1/4 C. cane vinegar

Rub salt on the fish, sprinkle with pepper.  Add the garlic and pour the vinegar.  Marinate flesh side down overnight in the refrigerator.

Fry skin side down for 10 minutes (low heat), flip the fish over and continue frying for 10 more minutes (low heat).

I loved the fat belly!!!!!

Food Diary:


1/2 C. garlic rice
1/2 Daing na Bangus
1 red egg
1 tomato


Max's Fried Chicken
Max's Lumpiang Shanghai
garlic rice


Ice cream (Hmmmm ... I have been eating fries and ice cream almost everyday and yet my FBS is still low.  But I think I am gaining weight.  I really should stop these bad kind of snacks.  I need to buy cashew from Salcedo Market.)


1/2 C. rice
fried egg
pork tocino

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