Friday, September 7, 2012

Dim Sum with my Kuya at Golden Bay

FBS: 91

I have been inviting my Kuya to eat Dim Sum with me at Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant on Macapagal Ave. and finally today, we were able to go after our appointment with the family lawyer.

I love dim sum but I do not know how to cook it! I already consulted several cookbooks and websites and I cannot seem to discover the secret of making delicious dim sum.  After Lechon and Sinigang ... it is my next favorite kind of food.

Golden Bay has an on-going 50% off discount from 11:00 - 2:00 pm for lunch and 6:00 - 10:00 pm for dinner.  They have about 80 kinds of dim sum.  If you pay using your credit card, it is only 45% off.

Even with a lot of choices, I always order my favorite.  Once in a while I would venture and try something new but my stomach could only handle 4 orders.

My four all time favorite dim sum:

Hakaw ... 3 baskets ...

 My Kuya said it was one of the best Hakaw he has eaten! The shrimps were so plump!!!  And the dumplings were steaming hot you could not even take a bite.  The wrapper was soft and not too thick.

Pork Sio Mai .... We ordered 2 baskets.

Chicken feet....

Tita Tess suddenly inspired me to have a chicken feet craving!

Taro Puff....

I let Kuya try the Seafood Salad....

and the Shrimp Wanton ...

which he loved!  He could not wait to go back again next week!  I think I have eaten there about 6 times already!  I am excited for our next Golden Bay date, Kuya!

P.S.  I took a picture of the restaurant because I also want to take my Ate to Golden Bay but sometimes she thinks the places I frequent are hole in the wall joints.  This time it is not!

There were a lot of Chinese customers plus they do not just serve dim sum but other delicious dishes also, especially seafood!!!!


  1. hi lia! Because lili is too far from me, I had to google your other dimsum adventure somewhere in pasay( coz i clearly remember the post but not the name of the resto). I found myself in dimsum heaven and yes they still give 50% discount from 6pm to 10. The service is exceptional too. The only thing I didnt like were the mantis that were placed inside plastic bottles in the aquarium. Pls give Wriggly a hug for me, is he done being a foreman? Happy

    1. Happy! I love the dim sum at Golden Bay! Do you know that Wriggly dipped his paw on the paint try? He now has light blue manicure! Hahaha

    2. Aww at least he chose a masculine color haha.pls tell him to stay away from the paint! :)