Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dim Sum Menu at Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant

FBS: 117

So much better!!!!!  It is probably over 110 because I ate Piknik yesterday! I really have to be very strict with my diet from now on.  I will have my blood test before the 25th!  And it will be the official 3 month HBa1C test!!!  I am so excited because I know the result will be a good one!!!  As long as I do not abuse the way I eat.

I had lunch at Golden Bay again today! 

I invited Jing last night, but she said she was not sure because she had an errand to do and did not know what time it would end.  I then asked my Kuya, he said , YES!  We saw PD on her way out to lunch, so.... we invited her also.

I am a creature of habit... I ordered my usual suspects....



Chicken Feet - Tita Tess!!!  I ate the chicken feet for you!!!!!  I did not share!

The rest of our orders....

Crispy Prawn Wanton

Chicken Pao (Less 1 bun because I forgot to take a picture before PD got 1.)

Ham Sui Kok

Birthday Bun

Yuan Yang Dumpling

Crispy Prawn Roll

I got a copy of their Dim Sum menu.

Steamed Dimsum:

Chicken Feet, Hakaw, Siomai, Steamed Beef Ball with Vegetables, Steamed Fish Maw Roll, Steamed Spare Ribs with Tausi, Steamed Chow Zhou Dumpling, Yuan Yang Dumpling, Beancurd Sheet Roll with Oyster Sauce, Vermicelle Seaweed Roll, Glutinous Rice with Chicken, Spinach Dumpling, Birthday Bun, Layer Malay Cake, Chicken Pao, Chow Zhou Glutinous Roce Roll, Red Date Cake, Steamed Seaweed Roll, Asparagus Sea Cucumber Dumpling, Steamed Goto, Masachi, Steamed Hakka Dumpling, Steamed Red Bean Bun, Siao Long Pao.

Pan Fried Dimsum:

Pan Fried Cuttle Fish Cake, Pan Fried Guo Tie, Pan Fried Radish Cake, Pan Fried Vegetarian Roll, Pan Fried Pumpkin Cake, Japanese Roasted Cake, XO Radish Cake.

Deep Fried Dimsum

Seafood Salad, Bitter Melon Ball, Crispy Leek Dumpling, Crispy Prawn Spring Roll, Ham Sui Kok, Crispy Prawn Wanton, Deep Fried Lotus Cake, Crispy Prawn Roll, Golden Pie, Sesame Ball, Taro Puff, Pumpkin Ball, Fried Homemade Fish Curd.

Rice Roll Dimsum:

Spring Rice Roll, Shrimp Rice Roll, Asado Rice Roll, Beef Rice Roll, Plain Rice Roll, Vegetarian Rice Roll, Rice Roll w/ Abalone Sauce.

Chilled Dimsum:

Chilled Pig Knuckle, Coffee Cake,

Baked Dimsum:

Baked Egg Tart

Dimsum Bun:

Giant Meat Pao, Steamed Custle Pao, Steamed Asado Pao.


Sweetened Sesame Paste, Sweetened Glutinous Pearl Paste, Sweetened Green Bean Paste, Mango Pudding, Almond Jelly w/ Fruit Cocktail.

Congee and Others:

Chicken Duck Congee, Century Egg & Pork Congee, Fish Congee, Beef Congee, Steamed Pig Knuckle with Preserved Beancurd, Poached Lettuce with Fish Paste.

Whew!!!! That was a lot!!!!  Their website boasted of over 80 dimsum dishes.

The price range of the dimsum is from 128 to 150 pesos  at 50% off for dine -in only.  The promo is on-going.  It started last May and they have extended it indefinitely.

My Kuya treated PD for lunch because today is Grandparents Day!!! I was lucky I had a free lunch even if I am not a Grandparent!  Hehehehehe.

Happy Grandparents Day!!!!

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