Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Turning over a new "leaf".

It is the 1st day of the month. I am turning over a new "leaf"! I have decided to live a healthy lifestyle. I know it is going to be hard and I hope I succeed. I just have to discover different kinds of recipes that will taste good and at the same time will help me improve my health.

I started eating brown rice about 2 weeks ago. It doesn't taste bad at all. I bought the Maria brand. I like the Uncle George Whole Wheat Bread because it is soft, the others are too tough and dry for me. Hahahaha I remember the first few days I was on whole wheat bread, Wriggly would cough and choke hahaha then he would face the door, asking to be let out because he did not like the taste of Whole Wheat bread.... but now, he is used to it. I also started eating the Whole Wheat Skyflakes with Oats.

I have never been a fan of Salads and raw vegetables but since I am "turning over a new leaf".... I need to learn the art of preparing fresh vegetables.

My first attempt was a couple of days ago, I used Sunsweet's GreenLollo. Then added red and green grapes, Fuji apple cubes, shredded carrots and cucumber. I used Kraft Creamy Poppyseed for my dressing.

It took me 1 hour to finish 1 plate of salad, with 3 phone conversations in between. The next time I ate the same salad, it just took me 30 minutes. See??? Practice makes perfect.

I used Romaine lettuce leaves in the second kind of salad I made. I still had left over grapes, carrot and cucumber. I just added chopped salad tomatoes and used Kraft Ranch Dressing. It also took me about an hour ... and I didn't even finish it. Was talking to Ate while eating and she said, she doesn't like the Romaine leaves that much also because it was like eating a "handkerchief". hahahaha

It is going to be a struggle but eventually, I will be able to know what kind of leaves I like, fruits to be used in combination and make my own dressing, as much as possible, I don't like store bought because I can't control what is in them. I don't think I will ever be a fan of balsamic vinegar. Most of the recipes I read in books and websites call for it.

So, this is my game plan:

Breakfast - whole wheat bread with light butter or brown rice with fish.
Sarita taught me how to marinate Daing na Bangus and it turned out really good! hahaha I did not eat the whole fish, just half and half a cup of brown rice.

Lunch is a "free" meal. Hahahaha According to me. It means I can eat anything I like but in moderation.

Snack: Whole wheat crackers, I don't think I can have that much fruits because it is high in sugar, would rather eat it with the salad.

Dinner : Salad

I bet Mona will be sad if she reads this because she won't have a midnight snack partner anymore!

I need this to work because I need to lower my blood sugar then I can start enjoying my favorite food again... of course ... in moderation! Wish me luck! I know it is a tempting world out there and I don't have the willpower.


  1. What a struggle bec you know how to cook good food! Anyway instead of sky flakes whole wheat try the rebisco kind it's so much better. My hubby describes the whole wheat berate and sky flakes type like eating cardboard! Oh and there's this sugar free wheat bread that's very good! I'll text you the brand when I go to the kitchen later :-) anyway good luck! Why don't you put some grilled chicken breast or tuna on your salad!

  2. Hi, Catherine! I will try the Rebisco Whole Wheat Crackers. I think the sugar free bread is Walter? Let me know also if it is the same brand. I will try adding tuna to my salads also, what kind and what brand?

    Thanks for the healthy food tips!

    Hahaha Lagot, baka wala na magbasa ng blog ko kasi wala na Lechon and Bulalo!!!