Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Lunch with Family

Saturday lunch with my family is a happy, busy and noisy affair for everybody. It is like Christmas Day all over again minus the gifts and the Lechon but you can feel the same excitement from everybody. Our food is usually simple but each one is for a member of my family.

Guess what? No Nilagang Baka for Gilly this week, instead, I made Pancit Bihon for her. She had several servings, my Ate even told her not to get too much because she already ate a lot. hehehe We have to watch what we eat because we have an abundance of the FAT genes!

I went to Salcedo Market this morning to buy fresh fish for Ate. I got her the Maliputo from Taal Lake (according to the vendor). I just seasoned with salt and wrapped in foil. My BBQ helper grilled the fish. The green mangoes with bagoong was also for her.

The boiled sweet corn was for Butch, my brother in law. I bought it in SM, it came in the light green plastic bag but when we opened it, the husk was yellowish already and not light green. The corn was not too sweet. Next time, I'm going to buy from Farmer's Market in Cubao if I have the chance.

I bought the McCormick Buffalo wings mix, it came with the breading mix for the chicken and the spicy-sweet sauce. We dipped the chicken in Kraft Ranch dressing.

Tita Portia made Chicken Potato Salad for Sophie(it's her favorite). I don't know how to make chicken or potato or macaroni salad... I really have no idea why my versions don't turn out the way it should be.

The rest of the chicken wings, Hermie fried for us.

Raul, my Kuya, always teases me. I bought this new coffee creamer in Landmark called "Krem Top". After adding the Bon Cafe decaf instant coffee, splenda and creamer, Kuya got my coffee cup! Hahahaha I screamed! Actually screeched! I told him, "NOOOOOOO you can't get my coffee! Make your own!" After taking a sip, Butch said the creamer is high in sugar. I read the ingredients and discovered that the first one was Glucose i.e. sugar. So.... I asked: Kuya? Do you want my coffee????

Sometimes the menu seems so mix and match but I usually ask what my family wants to eat and try to cook it for them. Saturday lunch is request day most of the time.

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