Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ExceptionSSS to the Rule

There are only 3 Diet deal breakers.

Number 1: Birthday Parties
Number 2: Lechon - Non Negotiable
Number 3: Talangka!!!!! All good intentions down the drain.

Today is Wednesday, Baclaran Day.... which also translates to fresh Seafood. I usually buy my shrimps on this day and store in the freezer. Mona asked me to buy shrimps for her, she will celebrate her birthday here in my house on Sunday with our friends.

Then I saw the "banera" of live Talangka! I immediately bought 1 kilo for myself. Then I thought of my family and bought another kilo. I wanted to buy more but my shopping bag was heavy already. I'm not allowed to carry a lot because I have weak wrists - I have Capal Tunnel Syndrome.

As soon as I got home, I already cooked my Talangka! My helper only gave me 1/2 C. of brown rice but it wasn't enough! I asked her to get 1 more cup, albeit white rice, from my barbeque stand. 3 pieces calamansi and rock salt for my "sawsawan".

It was really YUM but this is the last time I am going to do this to myself, while I was eating I could feel a little apprehension. I know I was eating something bad. How can something this good be sooo bad?!?!?!? Sighs .... I even had green tea after my late lunch and took a cocktail tonight hahaha I meant ... Lipitor.

So... after lunch .. was thinking of the other kilo I have... I asked myself... who do I want to "kill" first? Tita Portia or Ate Gina??? I called Ate and she declined. She is also watching her health and is on a diet too... 1,200 calorie diet. I could never survive on that diet. Tita Portia and my Kuya did not decline ... although Kuya did not eat his share tonight, he saved it for tomorrow.

For every rule there is an exception .... and I have 3.

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