Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer Palace

Tita Portia invited our senior citizen relatives for a despedida lunch at Summer Palace, EDSA Shangrila Hotel. They are going back to their apartment in NY which is just across Serendipity!!

It was my first time to eat at Summer Palace, we eat more often at their Makati counterpart which is Shang Palace.

I wanted to try their Pork Barbecue Pastry. I liked the Lili's version better. I also liked the version of Jade Palace along Shaw Blvd. They call it Asado pie. Two Christmases ago, I gave that as a gift and almost all the recipients called and asked me where I bought the savory pastries.

Our guest, my senior Tita, ordered her favorite Roasted Duck with Plum Sauce

Seafood Noodles

and Seafood Fried Rice.

I also ordered Sweet and Sour Pork because it was in the Chef's suggestion page. I really liked it! But I didn't eat much because number 1, it was deep fried and number 2, the sauce was sweet.

Tita Portia ordered the Chicken in claypot with chestnuts and mushrooms.

I wanted to eat more but I couldn't, I was so full! It is the effect of my medication... even if I want to eat and eat... my stomach wouldn't let me. Since I was with seniors, we did not finish our food.

I'm going to miss my relatives and will pray for their safe trip.

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