Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taco Salad with Cilantro Salsa

I finally saw results from my 1 week Salad night! 2 pounds! Well, it might be small but it is already a big victory for me. (I can gain that in an hour.) It gives me hope as long as I follow through with my game plan.

Since I already ate something very bad for lunch (1 k. Talangka and one and a half cups of rice), I've decided to make a salad tonight with no fruits. The first thing that came into my mind was Taco Salad. I went to Rustan's before mass tonight and bought the ingredients. There was no Green Lollo leaves ( Hahaha I wonder why I love the Lollo variety.) so I opted for iceberg lettuce instead.

I didn't eat the meat! Next time, I can eat this salad without adding the ground beef.

I would welcome Salad recipes and tips as long as there are no Balsamic Vinegar and Arugula. Just a few more days and I would have completed a 2 week salad dinner without repeat.

Taco Salad

1 T. cooking oil

150 grams ground sirloin

4 t. Mc Cormick Taco mix

4 T. water

150 grams iceberg lettuce

grated cheddar cheese

Few chips of Jack and Jill Nova

Dissolve the Taco mix in water. Brown the beef in oil then add the diluted Taco mix and cook until there is no more liquid. Set aside and cool.

Cilantro Salsa

2 pieces chopped and deseeded tomatoes

1 small red onion, chopped

few springs of Cilantro (wansuy) chopped

2 T. Del Monte Cane vinegar

1 T. white sugar

1 T. Extra Virgin olive oil

pinch of black pepper

Combine all the ingedients for the salsa and chill until ready to use.

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