Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saturday Lunch at Basix, Dusit Hotel

This is a stale post already since I wasn't able to write this blog last Saturday, then I got sick with the very bad case of colds. I'm feeling better now but I still have to rest.

Instead of the usual family lunch here at home, my Ate treated us all for a lunch buffet at the Basix Restaurant, Dusit Hotel.

My Tita Portia and I arrived early, I took pictures while waiting for the buffet to open.

Bread Station


Salad Station (Took this photo after eating all my favorite food.)

Roasting Station

Grilling Station

Indian Station

Crepe Station

Sushi Station

Dimsum Station - they will steam after placing your order.

Dessert Station

Drinks Station - Beer, Red and White wine, juices and canned soda.

Then as soon as the clock stuck 11:30 am.... I noticed that they were going to serve Lechon! I immediately looked for Tita Portia and she dropped her bread plate and zoomed in on the pig.

I got my favorite from the Buffet .... a slice of Roast Prime Rib, then had it seared at the grilling station, few pieces of Ebi Tempura, just a small plate of Lechon, grilled shrimps and dimsum.

After getting all my favorite, I was able to relax already. I tried their Ceasar Salad and I really liked it! In fact, I got a second serving.

While I was at the Indian Station, I got Poppadom but waited for some Indian nationals to get their serving of the different kinds of pickles to go with the Poppadom, I just copied what they got.

For my dessert... I know I am not allowed, there were so many to choose from! But I only ordered from the crepe station, Dark Cherries with White Chocolate Sauce sprinkled with Almonds.

YUMmmmmmmmmmm we all enjoyed our food. I was not able to take pictures of the other hot dishes. Hahahaha was too busy eating. I can't wait for the next "invitation".

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