Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hey! Ma!

Today is my Mom's 4th death anniversary. Whenever I would get home from "wherever" I've been ... would always call out a greeting: Hey! Ma! Even when she was in the hospital (almost 3 months at the ICU), as soon as I enter her room .. would say, Hey! Ma! I do miss her so much. This is the hour... almost the exact time she passed away ... between 11 pm and midnight. It was a tough and difficult time for us.

Our Saturday lunch was just a simple affair.

Cebu Lechon from Salcedo Market

Nilagang Manok instead of Nilagang Baka ... My family only likes the broth, they don't eat the meat and the vegetables.... so I had to make it really "soupy".

I made fresh vegetable lumpia but didn't have time to make the wrapper since I came from Salcedo. The pack of wrapper from the chiller of Rustan's was a bit dry and not pliable ... so it didn't look too picture perfect. But my lumpia tasted good even if zero for presentation.

Tita Portia bought Canonigo from Salcedo. I liked it because it was not too sweet, I only ate the white part and did not put the cream custard sauce anymore.

Hahahaha isn't it a little bit morbid that we celebrate death anniversaries in the Philippines? Maybe to some yes .... but for us ... it means we are celebrating the life of the person... the person my Mom has been.... and the good times we had with her.

Hey! Ma!

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