Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Fluffiest Mashed Potatoes according to Gilly

It's Saturday again.... I think everybody who reads this blog know what this means (Family Lunch). I tried a new recipe of Roast Chicken (Lechon Manok) today. I got it from the Filipino Kitchen Library cookbook by Aileen Jaraza, Christina Aquino and Hector Jaraza and of course, I tweaked it a little.

Roast Chicken

1.5 K. Whole Chicken

1 T. Rock Salt


1/2 C. Calamansi juice

2 T. Soy sauce

1 T. Honey

1/2 t. ground pepper

1/4 t. MSG

tanglad leaves

Clean and wash the chicken well. Rub inside and out with salt. Marinate in the refrigerator over night.

Roasting guide - 20 minutes for every 450 grams at 190C.

Set the oven or turbo broiler at 190 C. Insert the tanglad inside the cavity then put chicken on top of the rack of the roasting pan or turbo, breast side up and roast for 1 hour. Turn over the chicken gently and continue roasting for another 30 minutes. Let the it "rest" for 15-20 minutes before cutting into pieces.


2 T. butter

2 T. flour
1 C. water

pan drippings

Knorr seasoning

Soy sauce

Add water to the roasting pan with the drippings. Melt butter, stir in flour until mixture is smooth. Using a wire whisk, slowly add the water-drippings and stir until you get the consistency you like. Add knorr seasoning and soy sauce to taste.

Gilly said I make the best mashed potatoes in the world! Hehehe not my words but hers. She said it was the "lightest and fluffiest" mashed potatoes she has tasted. My nieces and even my nephew, Nicky really love it since way back. Gilly said her yaya's version is so dense and heavy. Let me share my recipe and secret.

750 grams potatoes - buy the big starchy potatoes. If you get the small or medium sized, they are too dense and sticky in texture. Your mashed potatoes will never be fluffy.

1/4 C. butter - cut into small cubes.

1/2 t. fine salt

1/8 t. white pepper

1/2 C. fresh milk

Peel the potatoes and cut into big cubes. Boil until very tender and almost falling apart when pierced with a fork. Mash, then using the paddle attachment of the Kitchen aid, beat on the lowest speed. Add butter, salt and pepper. Slowly pour the milk a little at a time. You can make ahead of time but add a little more milk and beat for a few seconds before serving.

Left over Jellied Cranberry Sauce when I made my salad dressing the other night.

The corn Hermie bought in Guadalupe was so sweet and tender!!! It was the young "mura" variety.

I let them taste my Mandarin Orange Salad with Candied Almond dressed in Honey Calamansi. They loved it! Not a single leaf left.

The proof is in the "eating"!


  1. everything looks good, Lia! you're right about the potatoes...the bigger they are, the better. my husband can live on mashed potatoes n gravy (like we can live on rice). although coz he's from the deep south, they like it "smashed" and unpeeled n i use the red rose potatoes (his preference, not mine, BUT, i love it coz it means less work in the peeling n mashing dept...oh, and also on the washing dept because i just use a fork, not a masher, right in the pot where i boiled the drained potatoes :) i just started putting some mayo in mine (therefore lessening the amount of milk you'd normally use -- which is how i stumbled upon the idea. i had very little milk left and so i added the only other milk product i had in the ref). It works like magic if i opted to make a smooth mashed version instead coz red potatoes are what i usually have it added a nice mellow tartness to it....and then, in his case anyway, we drown it with gravy. Happy cooking n Happy Eating!!!

  2. Thanks Kat! We only have one color of potatoes here. BROWN hahahaha. I haven't tried adding mayo .... maybe next time I will.