Saturday, May 28, 2011

Homemade Pritchon

I had dinner with my ASB friends tonight.  We used to work for ASB Land Corporation.  I was an Executive Secretary to the Vice President.  We were together for such a brief time, 5 months only, but developed a lasting friendship with each other.

When I started sending them text messages, I asked Maya what kind of food she wanted me to cook.  Her request was the Homemade Pritchon and declared the food theme would be Filipino.

Homemade Pritchon

1 K. Lechon Kawali, chopped into thick strips
Village Gourmet Tortilla
Lee Kum Kee Hoisin Sauce
cucumber, peeled and cut lengthwise into thick strips
spring onions

Cut the tortilla in two.  Spread Hoisin sauce on the tortilla, place the cucumber and lechon strips on one side and roll.  Secure the wrap with spring onions. 

It was everybody's favorite for the night.

Be brought assorted munchies: green peas,

garlic nuts

 Lapid's chicharon,


canned juices, fish balls, squid balls

and green mangoes.

Matess brought lumpiang ubod from Goldilocks.

Maya brought a lot!  We were only 4 but she brought food for 6 persons.  Two big orders of Pancit from Buddy's, I only served one because Hermie only prepared 1 serving platter for the pancit.

Maya also brought 3 Cassava cakes.

We ate it together with the Salabat tea from Be.

It was a delightful night, we talked about our former office mates and the fun we had 18 years ago!!!  It is a good thing we still keep in touch with each other... we always organize a mini-reunion at least once a year. 

Even Wriggly was part of the evening's gathering.  The girls said, HI, Wriggly! when they entered my home.  We have to do this again but with everybody's busy schedule it would be hard.  What works really well is when we do not have a plan and just have an impromptu get together.


  1. Do you have to heat the tortilla before wrapping the contents? Or can it be prepared and eaten straight from the plastic wrapper?

    1. Hi! You could wrap the tortilla in tin foil and steam for a few minutes but you can also use it straight from the plastic if you will use it as soon as you get home from the grocery.