Friday, May 27, 2011

Flat Bacon Strips

I wonder what happens when you cook bacon... does it curl or it comes out flat?  Do you know I had to research online because my bacon strips would end up curly when I wanted them to be straight and flat.

Finally....  after searching... I was able to discover how to fry flat bacon strips! 

I attended a two day recollection last Tuesday and Wednesday at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel sponsored by Barangay Bel-Air. I doubt if Msgr. Chito Bernardo will appreciate it if I applied his words of wisdom to bacon.  Hahahaha.    He said, we have to "search" only then we will be able to "discover"!!!!

Do not use a non stick pan, add oil nor water... the bacon will definitely curl.      Thaw out the bacon strips and lay them one layer at a time on the COLD flat frying pan.  Cook over low heat for the first few minutes to render the fat from the bacon.  When it is a bit brown already turn over the slices and increase the heat.  Remove when crispy but not over "fried".  If you have to cook another batch, remove the oil from the pan and start again with low heat.

I do not know how to cook eggs, I do not even know how to boil an egg ... so my sunny side up egg I fried this morning is already an accomplishment for me!!!  But really bad for the health,  I used a non stick frying pan and the bacon oil.

So now ... you already know how to cook flat bacon strips! Great for sandwiches!  Mona and I were supposed to eat BLT the other day but when I saw the lettuce in the fridge, it was a sorry  pathetic head of leaves.  I will just have to reschedule our BLT!  But then ... I only eat bacon about every 6-8 weeks.  People think because I'm "FAT" that my cholesterol level is very high, on the contrary, it is very low.  I rarely eat deep fried food or Lechon.  Hehehehe  That is why when friends see me eat a plateful of Lechon skin ... I have the license to eat!

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