Friday, May 6, 2011

Children's Party for Adults

I invited Corry and Mona for lunch today.  Last week, I cooked spaghetti for the kids, they liked it so much, especially Corry, so I promised to make for her again.

My lunch menu was fit for little people!  Not adults!

hahaha  I also made mini corn dogs and Corry brought chicken from Mini Stop, Makati Med.

I love Uncle John's chicken!!!

I also let them taste the sans rival I made for tomorrow's lunch.

Mini Corn Dog (a.k.a. Hot dog on a stick)

small hot dogs
Maya Hotcake Mix
cooking oil

Thaw the hot dogs if frozen.  Pat dry with paper towel or paper napkin.  Insert a wooden skewer or tooth pick.

Heat cooking oil over low fire until it reaches 350F.  It will take about 20 minutes.  Do NOT fast track the heating process or else the corn dog will be burnt outside and raw inside.

Follow the Hotcake directions written at the back of the box.

Roll the hot dog in flour. Then dip in the hotcake batter and deep fry.  Drain on paper towel or napkin.

I like to eat corn dogs with mustard.

Sophie, who joined us, ate it with mayo... Corry... with banana ketchup alternately with mustard and Mona ate hers with mayo and banana ketchup.  Everybody enjoyed the lunch and as usual .... We were so FULL!!!

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