Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lechon de Leche

My family and I celebrated Mother's Day in advance.  We ordered  Lechon de Leche from Ping Ping.  The size was just right for us because we are not a big family - five adults only.  When I called and placed my order, I told them I want a "fat" little pig.    I even used the name of Mayette's Mom, Tita Letty, and told them to give us the good kind.

When it was delivered at 11, Wriggly and I were so excited!!!  I made sure he could not jump and take a lick!!!  Hahaha  Also made sure all the electric fans were switched off.  The worst thing you can do to a Lechon is let cool air hit it, or let someone take a small pinch of the crunchy skin.  It will lose its crispness.

Tools of trade: Knife, Cleaver, Fork and Scissors!  Best way to cut the skin is by using a pair of scissors.

Lechon for me is really no big deal nor for my family.  I even ate a small platter last week at Elar's. We can eat it anytime we like.  But what makes it exciting for us is the electricity we feel in the air when we are all together!  We get so charged we almost could not contain ourselves.  We love telling each other: That's enough! You got too much fat!  or PD,  don't eat the fat!  hahaha

After lunch, we tried to convince ourselves that we were not "bad" because we scraped off the fat from the skin.  Except for Tita Portia, of course.  She only likes to eat the skin with fat.

I have  been very good today!


I just had a small piece of skin... just half a plate and got all the ribs...  I loved nibbling on it ... we usually call it "silindro" (harmonica).  Our favorite part is the "sinulid"... the stringy meat you can find in the underbelly, except  Butch, my brother in law, he likes the "pigue".

Hahaha I have to stop... I can go on and on and on and talk about Lechon forever.

I know I cooked a big pot of Nilagang Baka.... but it seemed the soup was  not enough.

They only liked the broth and corn and left the meat and other vegetables.  I have to find out how to have more broth without  using  beef bouillon. 

Rocky Road Ice Cream for dessert and I served the Sans Rival I made the other day.

We talked about Mom and reminisced about the funny experiences we have had with her.  I know she is very happy that we all got together and enjoyed our favorite food in the entire world!!!  Hahaha  Or maybe not, because we ate Lechon without her!  Happy Mother's Day!

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