Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Hurrah

My friends and I had our "last hurrah" for summer at Mona's house in Alabang Hills.  I have been  racking my brains for days on what  food to bring.  I wanted something I can prepare ahead of time... and something which will excite me.  We changed our menu several times... I told them the food has to be something that will make my heart beat a little faster. 

We love to eat Filipino food in our picnics.

I was prepared to make Chicken Pastel.  I already bought the ingredients.  But since it was raining yesterday, Saturday,  I thought the best potluck dish should be Sinigang!  My all time favorite after Lechon.

When I ate a Elar's a few weeks ago, they served Pork and Beef Sinigang.  I made an SOS trip to Rustan's, Rockwell yesterday and asked the butcher to give me a good cut of pork belly... the FATTER the BETTER because Dra. Corry,  is a fan of my "Floating" Sinigang... floating because you can see floating bits of fat in my soup.

Hahahaha Tricia calls it "wiggling fat".

I also asked the butcher to give me pork sinigang ribs and beef short ribs.

I can eat sinigang almost every day!  Thank you Mariger for teaching me how to cook my favorite dish!

Jing brought Chili Shrimps.  Spicy!!!  But i enjoyed eating it.

Celina's contribution was the Beef Caldereta.  She said it was spicy but it was perfect for me.

Mariger brought grilled liempo.

Good thing she did! The kids did not like our "adult" picnic menu, so the liempo was a life saver.

We also had Beef Mechado, c/o Tita Cena.  Very tender.  I liked the fact that it was thinly sliced.

Corry bought crabs for us!

Mona made her famous ginger/garlic-vinegar dip in olive oil.


Indian Mangoes from the tree!!!

Buko Pandan for dessert.

My lunch!

We get very hungry whenever we swim.  We had an early merienda.

There were two flavors of ice cream, Mango and Ube.

Mona's potluck contributions were the Ruffles potato chips

onion dip

and her layered salsa dip!

Hahahaha My favorite is Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar Potato chips.  It is also the favorite of my god daughter, Mariel.  The adults have been very bad..... hahahaha  while we were eating the chips and dip and the kids were swimming, I told them to be quiet because the kids might hear us!   Bad!!!

Tricia also brought Lay's potato chips and the tortilla shaped like a cup!

Perfect for scooping dips!

We also ate the Buco Pie from San Pablo (c/o Celina) for merienda.

Class picture of the gang.

I am very thankful I have such wonderful friends  who are also very "healthy" and love to eat!  Hehehe.

It was such an enjoyable picnic!



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