Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day celebration of Wriggly's Mama

I woke up at 5:30 am today because my little boy had to go to his "bathroom".  Normally, I'm a deep sleeper but when Wriggly goes up on my bed or scratches  the door, I wake up easily.  Then to top it all, he took his sweet, sweet, sweeeet time doing his business.  I was able to go back to sleep  but woke up again at 7:30.

Since I was up already at that hour.... I have decided to eat dim sum for breakfast at Emperor Tea House along Wilson St.  According to, their siomai is one of the top 10 in Metro Manila.  I had to try it ... of course.

I also read in some blogs that I should taste their Hakaw ... 

It was a cloudy morning and a bowl of hot soup was perfect.

Wanton Beef Noodle soup.


The serving was huge, lots of HK style handmade noodles.  I was not able to finish one order.

It was just 9:00 am but the parking lot was full already.

And.... since I was already in the area at noon ... another Top 10 siomai is from Gloria Maris, Greenhills. (Oooopss! I just checked out and the Gloria Maris branch in the list is along Wilson St.  I went to the one near Unimart.)

Sharsfin Siomai

I tried their Asado pie but Lili's version wins hands down ... next to Lili's is the asado pie from Jade Palace, Pasig.

I also ordered a cup of fish lip soup.

I had to add lots and lots of soy sauce to suit my taste.

I figured... when I get home I will just have a sandwich for dinner because I had so much to eat for the day.

BUT .... it did not happen.  Tita Portia invited me to Pen's Afternoon Tea Buffet.  I told her I would just order a pot of tea but she insisted I take the buffet.

I only got scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, pastrami sandwich, cream cheese-cucumber sandwich, chicken - red pepper rolled in pita bread and assorted cheeses.

I loved the Caramel Tea! I finished the whole pot!  

The hot dishes were not too "hot" for me.  Pad Thai, Chicken Terriyaki skewers, Salmon Fish Fillet with Tartare sauce and mini calzone.

I just had fruits for dessert since I can not eat the ice cream and the pastries.

Not bad for a Mother's Day celebration of Wriggly's Mama!


  1. wriggly's Mama pigged out again! hahaha... love you Lia!

  2. Grabe!!!! Pang 3 tao kinain mo. Love you too.:))