Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Top 10 Lists - I just had to try some of them.

When I want to torture myself ... I look  at food blogs and check out Spot.ph's website.  They have a Top 10 Lists of different kinds of food! A very extensive list...  not gourmet though but mostly  everyday food I eat when dining out on a budget.

My friends and I went to U.P. Diliman yesterday to eat Pork Barbecue at Beach House.

It is a canteen behind the Main Library.

We were lucky because it was not sunny and the air was cool while dining al fresco under the trees.

I bought 4 sticks of barbecue - big portions.


We had a late lunch and we were able to talk to the owner of the canteen.  She has been serving barbecue since 1986 and they used to grill an average of 60 kilos per day!  You can buy from them marinated barbecue on sticks, 50 sticks per container/27@. (Beach House Canteen, U.P. Diliman 09193441392)

We also went to Danny-Licious in Cubao.

They moved  from Rajah Matanda St. to Kalantiaw St.  It is just a small nondescript place but according to the survey, their barbecue is No. 2.

 Celine and I were killing time in Trinoma early morning before going to U.P.  Our "appetizers" were siomai  - also included in the Top 10 best siomai list...


... and taosi spareribs from Le Ching.

I always try the siomai from different places because I do not know how to cook it.  My recipe is the old fashioned Filipino style with carrots, singkamas, soy sauce and spring onions.  NOT good .... I want to learn how to make the Chinese dim sum.

The night before, I was checking out Spot.ph when I read about the Top 10 Lumpiang Ubod.

I told my friends Chocolate Kiss is included in the lumpia list.

When we got there, they were different kinds of cakes!

We all shared a slice of Kahlua,

Quezo Chiffon


and my favorite .....

Chiffon cake layered with custard... then caramel... then custard again ... caramel .... iced with marshmallow frosting with candied Dayap peel.

I really loved it!!!  YUM!!!!!!!!  Worth going back for!

We also tried their Chocolate Eh,


and oatmeal cookies.

When Celina and I got to Gateway Mall, I bought the Bacolod lumpia from Flavors of Negros.


Sad to say... I did not like it... I  really make good Fresh Lumpiang Ubod, Bacolod style Lumpiang Ubod and Fried Lumpiang Ubod.  Hahaha I should be in that list!

Jing got envious of yesterday's food tasting,  we conducted our own today.    We went to Chinatown.  There is this little hole in the wall that I go to once in a while, Wai Ying.  This eatery is not for people with a "delicate" constitution.  Hahaha  I once brought my Ate and Tita Portia and it was definitely not their kind of place.  They only like to eat dim sums in hotels or in HK.  But my friends and I are little troopers so it did not bother us.

Of course, we had to order the siomai, also included in the Top 10 Lists.

Our dim sum afternoon snacks:


Chicken Feet

Taosi Spareribs

Radish Cake

While walking along Benavidez St.  I saw Wan Chai.  I remembered reading about it in blogs.  I did not like the sio mai so much.

Jing had the Mango Sago for dessert.

I used to serve Mango Sago in my Pastry Shop.  So easy to make.

Mango Sago

Sugar syrup - boil 1 C. Sugar and 1/2 C. water until it turns into syrup.  Cool before using.
Mini Sago -  Buy tapoioca or sago pearls from the supermarket.  Boil in water, when soft, drain and rinse.

Puree the mangoes in the blender.  Add sugar syrup to taste.  Chill.  Add sago before serving.

We went to Masuki and I bought Asado Siopao

...and Siomai (also in the Top 10 Lists) for take out.

I am very happy I was able to do the food tasting with friends.  There are still a gazillion food items in the Top 10 Lists I have to try and I hope my friends can join me again in my adventures.  Hehehehe  So I will not be the only one who will get fat!


I was surprised after all the food tripping in UP and Gateway yesterday, my blood sugar even went lower.  Hmmmm I think the secret in controlling the blood sugar is to share the food with friends!!!!




  1. Good job lia. Always remember..you have to FEED the blog. hahaha.:)

  2. Now I am craving for Barbecue and Lumpiang Ubod! Lia! if you need people to drag around on your next food trip, let me know. :)

    - Marianne

  3. Yes, Jing! I have to "feed" the blog!
    Marianne! I still have a lot of places to try! Will ask you next time!

  4. Looove Masuki siomai! Dunked in the brown sauce with calamansi. :)

  5. chocolate kiss serves the best kahlua cake and devils food cake! :D