Monday, August 6, 2012

Lunch Date with Mawi

FBS: 86

Yay!  FBS is low normal again.

I had a lunch date with Mawi (a.k.a Jing) today.  She asked me if I wanted to eat with her at Yaki Mix, Greenbelt 3.  Of course, I said yes! It is a Happy Birthday Everyday, Lia celebration!

I already satistied the Omega 3 requirements for the week! I got a lot of salmon for grilling.  I especially loved the salmon belly! Yum and buttery fat!

I know the food there is healthy because it is grilled! 

I got vegetables also, broccoli leaves and florets!  Ok! OK!  I also got Lechon Kawali.

My favorite Japanese fried rice with bits of fried salmon and 3 pcs. sushi.

Mawi's food:

We started eating at 11 am and left the restaurant at 1:00 pm!  We walked around Greenbelt to burn off all the food we ate.

I did not get dessert because I had another thing in mind.  When Mawi left  to pick up her boys from school, I went to Glorietta Cinema area to buy my new favorite Flavored Shave Ice!  This time I got the Langka flavor.  YUMMMMM!  After eating it yesterday, my sugar did not go up so I assumed, I can eat it again today.

I cannot decide which picture from my Blackberry to use so I am posting two.

They are not too clear because I forgot to bring my camera.  The Yaki Mix food pics are from Mawi's iphone.

I only had Orange Salad for dinner.  I could not eat meat or shrimps anymore tonight.  I am all "proteined" out!

Orange Salad

Romaine lettuce
orange segments
half an orange, juice of
half a lemon, juice of
1 t. sugar
salt and pepper
1 T. shallots or red onion, chopped
1 t. extra virgin olive oil (you could add more but I do not like lots of olive oil in my dressing)
crumbled goat's cheese (I used Stilton because I do not have goat's cheese)

Combine the orange juice, lemon juice, shallots, sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil in a bowl and set aside.

Put the lettuce and orange segments in a salad bowl.  Pour the dressing and toss with a pair of tongs.  Transfer onto a plate and top with crumbled cheese.

Food Diary:

1/2 C. rice
1 pc. fish, fried


Grilled meat and seafood
fried rice


Langka flavored shave ice


Orange Salad

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