Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pastillas de Leche


Yes!!! That was better.  I have been so busy preparing for my several Birthday Celebrations.  I made Pastillas de Leche today from scratch!!!!


The candy tastes soooo fresh and delicious.  It was my first time to do it, maybe next time, it will be better.  Mona even helped me with the wrapping.  It was just so tedious because you have to wrap them twice, first with greaseproof paper, then next with tissue.


Ohhhhh! But super worth it!

Pastillas de Leche

300 gr. Alaska Powdered Milk
1 big can Alaska Condensed Milk (not condensada)
white sugar

Sift the powdered milk and fold into the condensed milk.  Continue folding until the mixture is thick and like mashed potato in texture.  Drop by teaspoonful into the white sugar and roll like a log.

Wrap with greaseproof paper, then with tissue paper.

Food Diary:


Lumpia ubod filling


1/2 C. garlic rice
Beef Adobo (same recipe as Mayette's Adobo but I used atsuete oil to fry the beef)


Chicken/Beef Mami without the mami noodles


I did not eat dinner anymore.  Hopefully, my FBS will be lower tomorrow.

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