Friday, August 10, 2012

A Date with James

FBS: 81

Very good, Lia! I was able to pull down my FBS.  I just need to watch what I eat and make sure that they are not empty calories.  Always choose filling food such as eggs, nuts and meat.

I had a date with James!  

Hehehehe not yet a man, just a little boy.  Mawi and I met in Glorietta today because we both had errands to do, she brought her son, James, with her.

We had the shaved ice at Masatami. 

James ordered the Rainbow Flavored Shaved Ice.

I tried the Buko Flavored Shaved Ice.

I still prefer the Swiss Cheese or Langka.

I was surprised that Hecky's Organic Lechon tasted very good! 

So flavorful and the skin was crunchy and almost paper thin!  I now have a favorite Lechon in Glorietta Food Choices.

Food Diary:


2 eggs, scrambled with cheese


1/2 C. cup rice
100 g. Hecky's Organic Lechon


Buko flavored shaved ice

Shrimp, avocado and mango salad

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