Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthday Lunch with Catherine at Summer Palace

FBS: 62

Happy Birthday Everyday, Lia!

Catherine treated me for lunch today at Summer Palace, EDSA Shangrila Hotel.  We had the dim sum buffet!

After my Cebu trip, I made myself well by eating banana and rice only just so I can make up for what I was not able to eat in Cebu!

I loved the Scallop Sio Mai!

Underneath the HUGE scallop ... there was a big shrimp and then the pork filling.

Next was the Shrimp Sio Mai....


Spinach Dumplings

Steamed Chicken Feet

Steamed Pork Spareribs

Stuffed Beancurd Sheet

Sio Long Bao

Taro Puff and Lobster Roll

Radish Cake

There were still a lot from the dim sum cart but we could not eat them anymore!!!!  The place was packed and I had to reserve 2 weeks in advance!  Originally, it was Jing and I who planned to eat at Summer Palace but she gave up her spot for Catherine.

We had Creme Caramel Tea at TWG in Shangrila Plaza Mall.

I am so amazed Catherine could pack all those dim sum in her slim body! I know where I put all the dim sum in my body.   Hahahahaha! Well ..... everybody knows also!!!

Thank you so much Cath for the Birthday lunch!!!!  

I am soooo   "belly.... belly" happy!!!


  1. Ohmygosh Lia, I should stop visiting your blog while im still on the cohen program, my mouth is watering and im hungry just looking at the photos you took. Kidding. I miss dimsum, il just take note of these restaurants and vow to eat there as soon as i graduate. -happy

    1. Hi Happy! My sister lost 46 lbs. with the Cohen diet. When she graduated, she was able to eat some of the restricted food! Until when are you going to be in Cohen, Happy?

    2. Ive already lost 34 lbs to date! When people ask me how I discovered the Cohen program, I tell them it was while having a vicarious food trip courtesy of your blog haha. Thanks Lia for entertaining us with your stories about food..Either I get hungry or feel comforted each time I drop by to read your entries. I still have 24 lbs to lose and hoping to graduate before christmas! Happy

  2. Wow, Happy! That is sooooo amazing!!!! Please keep up the good work! I have lowered my FBS but the weight seems to be dropping slowly, I'm ok with it though. I'm going to get to my destination, it will just take a longer.

  3. Thanks Lia, I will! I have an aunt who is diabetic and shes reading your blog too. Hope she finds inspiration in going on a wheat free diet too. Good luck ! Happy

    1. I hope your Aunt follows the wheat free diet ... my FBS really went down dramatically and I can still eat my favorite food! Hahahaha But your Aunt might think all the goodies I ate on my birthmonth are allowed. I wasn't strictly wheat free but now I am trying go back on track.