Friday, August 17, 2012

Birthday Get-Together with my Senior Friends

FBS: 51

Oh NO! Toooo low!  And to think I ate a lot of food yesterday.  Just goes to show it is very hard to manage diabetes but I am working on it everyday.

Happy Birthday Everyday, Lia!!!

I celebrated my birthday with my Senior friends today. 

Tita Butchie Ayuyao and Tita Mita Ampil were friends of my mom, who adopted Tita Portia and I as their friends.

Butchie Ayuyao, Lia, Mita Ampil

We would meet once a month for lunch. 

Then, the group got bigger, Tita Josie Yao, best friend of Tita Mita, joined us.  Then....Tita Tess Colayco.

Tess Colayco, Butchie, Lia, Mita, Josie Yao

I also invited Eega Narvaez, friend of PD.  All of them were Tita Portia's students.  Tita Ruby has been PD's friend since her riding days at Da'Rosa, I am also very close to her.

Ruby Henson, Lia, Eega Narvaez, Tess

Whenever I have guests, I have a few favorite food that I like to cook for them.  They are tried and tested recipes and some,  I could prepare ahead of time.

My all time favorite crowd pleaser is the Paella.

Next is the Lechon Kawali .... who could resist the crunchy skin?

Chicken Relleno is such a breeze to prepare... I even deboned the chicken.

Fried Lumpiang Ubod is another favorite.

I just mixed some apples, pineapples, raisins, celery and cucumber for a walnut-less mock Waldorf Salad.  Tita Mita is allergic to nuts.

The desserts were presents by .....

Eega .... A Creme Brulee kind of cake.... the top is like yema and in between the layers of chiffon cake is yummy cream!!!

Ruby ... chocolate cake

Josie ... Amber's pichi-pichi.

PD set the table for me

and packaged the Pastillas de Leche I made the other day as my give-aways.

There was a surprise fortune written at the back of each leaf.

I loved mine!!!! 

So.... come out... come out ... whoever you are!!!!  Hahahahaha.

 Ohhhh and I loved the gifts too!!!


I am so blessed I have so many friends who want to celebrate my birthday with me.

Thank you so much... my senior friends!    Until next year!!!!



  1. happy birthday everyday lia! :)

  2. with us pa ha! :-) if only i'm in town this weekend, i will crash your sunday celebration! hehe... mona's right happy birth-every-day in August Li!!