Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mogu with the Girls

Tita Portia invited my nieces for dinner at Mogu in Serendra.  It was a perfect place for them ... Gilly likes Japanese food and Sophie likes Italian.  Mogu is an Italian - Japanese restaurant.  Weird, huh?  It used to be Mezzaluna... then I think it took on a Japanese partner.  But who cares?!?!?!  The food is good, that is what counts the most!  

Gilly ordered Yaki Soba ---- YUM!   I liked it and will order it next time for myself ....

... and Prawns Tempura.

Guess what Sophie ate???  hahahaha  Come on ... try!  Clue ... it is an Italian pasta dish!

Linguine Carbonara! 

Hahahaha I told you that kid will order it in all the restaurants with a pasta menu.

She also ordered Tekka Maki.

Tita Portia just had the Uni Sashimi

... and Mixed Tempura.

The designated driver .... meaning me ....  had the Gamberi (Shrimp) Pizza.

I shared with them my pizza.  One time I brought home a few slices for Soph... told her to reheat in the oven ... she ran back to my house and asked: Where did you get the pizza??!?!?  It was so good!!!

The crust was really thin, light and crispy!

They had ice cream at Gelatissimo next door but I did not eat anymore ... bad for me.  Hahaha  But I got a little teaspoon and swiped at everybody's ice cream cup! 

My nieces are big girls already, Gilly is 11 and a half and Soph is 12 ... I enjoy being with them now ... but mind you.. still not for a long period of time.  I am waiting for them to turn 18 so I can take them to Boracay!!!  I hope the place is not too commercialized and over developed by then.

P.S.  Bad pictures ... the girls were in a hurry to eat.

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