Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Ever since I saw  Michelle's picture of a slice of chocolate cake in FB, I've been craving for it.  I wanted to bake one but who would eat it?  I used to supply chocolate cupcakes to AC years ago.

Good thing Mona also felt the same way.  We did an emergency run to UCC,  Rockwell after dinner.  I read a few "best chocolate cakes" blogs and one of them is Karen Young's Chocolate Ganache Cake.  We already ordered it several years ago.  She is the cakes and pastries supplier of UCC.

It is called Chocolate Fudge Cake in UCC according to the waiter.

It was just a small personal cake Mona and I shared. 

I loved the icing because it was not too sweet.  The cake was a bit crumbly ... maybe because it has been in the chiller for quite a while?  Or it is really the texture of the cake?

I remember the chocolate cake of Cookie Monster way back in the 80's... really good.  I also got envious when Celine said she ate at Polly's in Galleria... it is a small kiosk and they are famous for their chocolate cake (Shell Magallanes Chocolate Cake).

I want to bake Death By Chocolate soon, will wait for my friends.  It is made up of chunks of chocolate cake, honeycomb crunch and chocolate ganache assembled like a trifle.  I made it before in one of our Christmas parties .I hope I find time in my very busy schedule :) 

Hahahaha  Not that I am really, really, really busy ..... but I make sure I have things to do to occupy my time or else I will go crazy and eat myself to death.  I can not wait to make my own!

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