Monday, August 31, 2015

My Birthday Cake Collection

I received a lot of birthday cakes for the month of August.

Cake #1 came from PD!

It is a virtual birthday cake! I would love to have one next year!

Cake #2 was from Ms. Ann. Mango Bravo

Cake #3 was the Yema Cake from the Ka Escapades!

Cake #4 came from FGM! Costa Brava's Marshmallow Cake.

Cake #5 was from Bo - Sonja's Rainbow Cake

Cake #6 was a baby cake at Vikings! When Billy had a birthday, the other August celebrants got one as well.

Cake #7 was Twinkies! Ate bought it from S&R.

Cake #8 was the Banana Cake from Baguio Country Club.

Cake # 9 was given to me by KST - Costa Brava's Caramel Cake.

Cake # 10 came from Leah! Hokkaido Cakes

Cake #11 was sent electronically by Donabelle! It is the thought that counts.

Cake #12 was given on my birthday by Tracy Tuason.

My birthmonth is almost over. Another year to look forward to.

Lots of blessings came into my life the past year and I pray to have more in the future!

I feel so loved by all my friends.

Thank you so much for all the birthday cakes you gave me this August!




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