Sunday, August 16, 2015

Barrio Fiesta at The Batcave with the Batgirls

I celebrated my birthday at The Batcave with the Batgirls today!

Halfway done with the celebrations, just 3 more to go!

The theme for the party was Barrio Fiesta Merienda.

I went to Salcedo Market to buy assorted Kakanin. Sapin Sapin, Puto and Cuchinta.

The pork bbq was ordered from Heaven's.

The star of the show was the Pancit Palabok! I used the heads of 1 kilo shrimps for the sauce!

Tokwa't Baboy to complement the pancit.

Fried Lumpiang Ubod

I asked Mariger to cook Menudo and to buy Tasty from the Bakery!

It was so goodI I love her menudo and ate it with 2 slices of Tasty!!!!

I have been sneaking in a little bit of wheat because I am preparing my stomach for my birthday week when I go on a diet holiday!

I do not want to get sick, so little by little, I am re-introducing wheat. I plan to eat Spaghetti on August 31!

But on September..... I will go on a strict Wheat Belly diet.

God blessed me with a surprise visitor! We bumped into Bo, Jing's brother, at Salcedo Market this morning. We invited him to join us for merienda.

Look what he and his wife, Millie, gave me for my birthday!

A 7 layer cake from Sonja's!

I was prepared to put a candle on top of the puto because I thought I would not have a cake!

The power of positive thinking!

Hermie is so sweet!!!! When I got home from the market, she decorated my house with balloons!

God has been so good to me!

I have wonderful friends!

The greatest!

They are like family already!

I love you Batgirls! And I know you love me back!

Happy birthday everyday, Lia!



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