Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Birthday Eating Spree in Cebu

I was just in Cebu for an eating spree with Pinky and Dodai!

The airfare was Pinky's birthday gift to me! Yay! Thank you!!!

When I was doing the food itinerary, I had a bit of a problem.

Why? Because my travel companions do NOT eat pork. Pinky for health reason and Dodai for ethical reason.

I had to choose a place where they serve a variety of food.

It was an early flight, a very early flight. We got to Mactan airport at 7:30 in the morning!

8:30 am Breakfast at Kusina Uno


They call it Beef Pochero in Cebu. An order of the soup had 2 bone marrow shanks!

One for me and one for Dodai!

Thank the good lord Pinky does not like marrow!

Best way to eat marrow?!?!?

Pour hot soup into the cavity of the shank and slurp it!

I have yet to buy my steel drinking straw.

9:30 am Bean Leaf Coffee shop.

They had to have their coffee.

10:30 am Rico's Lechon!

It is still located in the same complex on F. Cabahug St. but they got a bigger unit!

Good thing they are still full from the bulalo soup.

I must have done something good because without requesting for it, the server gave us the rib part!

My ultimate favorite!

It had "sinulid"


And lots of bones!!!

The Spicy Lechon is my number 1 choice in Cebu.

I let them try the Ngo Hiong.

11:30 am Dessert Factory, Ayala Center

I had the Factory Fudge Sundae.

Dodai ordered the Pistachio Sansrival and coffee, again!

Pistachio ice cream for Pinky and a pot of green tea.

12:30 pm Cnt Lechon, Ayala Center Food Court

I also let them try the Bacon wrapped siomai. Pinky removed the bacon from the siomai.

Spring rolls, I am still in my lumpiang shanghai obsession.

Whew!!! We followed a very tight eating intinerary because we had to leave for Mactan after lunch!

Hahahaha It was like an hourly novena.

We checked in at Be Resorts in Mactan.

We were so lucky because we were with Flash Gordon and our room was upgraded to a seaview!

Merienda by the beach....

Cheese Fries with bacon on the side, as per request of Pinky and Dodai.

Wooo Hooo! More for me!

Beef meatballs

Assorted fruit platter.

I am so used to the beautiful Boracay Sunset but when I looked at the ocean, I thought there was a spotlight trained on the boats! It was the sun illuminating it.

The sunset was amazing! A different view from what I am used to.

Dinner was in the nearby Fiesta Bay.

Lapu Lapu Sinigang

Bok Choy

Grilled Squid

Tortang Talong

Another one of my favorites! I love it but I do not know how to cook it.

Dessert at Movenpick Hotel.

Mine was the Swiss Chocolate.

Pinky had the Maple Walnut.

Dodai's choice was the panna cota with chocolate tart.

Another must-try in Cebu!

Ohhhhh what a very tiring day for the stomach!!!!

We went back to our hotel, which was 2 minutes away from Movenpick and got ready for bed.

Poor room mates! As soon as I slid under the covers and my head touched the pillow, I was out for the count!

Let us just say that Dodai's Bose Noise Cancellation head phones and Pinky's ZZZZ earplugs were no much for the night noises I made!

I woke up so refreshed and the 2 with suitcases, not bags, under their eyes!

Breakfast buffet was just ok. It did not inspire me to take photos. I only ate ham and cheese omelette, baked beans and 1 baby pancake.

The beautiful bright weather made up for the uninspiring breakfast.

On our flight to Cebu, they were worried about the weather, that it might rain because there is storm coming in. I told them I got it covered! I was so confident that we would have sunny weather because I prayed for it!

The power of positive thinking and trust in God!

I would also like to give thanks to the Holy Spirit. I prayed and asked to be woken up at 3:30 am yesterday.

My eyes opened a few seconds before the alarm sounded.

Incredible, is it not!?!?

We were allowed to check out at 2 pm, thanks to Flash Gordon again!

Late lunch at Zubuchon, Marina Mall. It is open 24 hours a day!

I let them try the lechon.

It was an instant hit with them. They both loved it! I know a lot of people who love it as well.

Dodai even said that for Zubuchon, she would forsake her ethical aversion to pork!

Anthony Bourdain said, it is the best pig ever!

I am not much of a fan because of the herbs they use, rosemary and thyme.

Our waiter told us how the pork is roasted and that they only use organic pigs fed with vegetables and basted with coconut juice while roasting. He also made the dipping sauce for us.

I enjoyed all the other food we ordered.

Saguyon - fried baby fish patties

Lechon Siomai

Ginataang Langka


Pancit Sotanghon

Fried Baby Back Ribs

Cassava Cakes

Kamias Shake

Ube Halaya Cheesecake

I absolutely loved it!!!!

I am not a fan of cheesecakes but this one is the best, in my opinion!

Hahahahaha probably because it does not taste like cheesecake at all! It was more like ube halaya with cream cheese!

I would gladly eat it again and not share it with other people!

Really unforgettable! It is something that would haunt my tastebuds forever!

This concludes my Birthday Eating Spree in Cebu!

Thank you so much Pinky and Dodai for a wonderful time in Cebu!

And for indulging me in my hourly eating itinerary!

Hahahahaha I know how difficult it was for the two of you to eat pork, but for me, you took one for the team!

Until our next food journey!

Happy Birthday Everyday Lia!



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