Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's My Birthday Everyday!

It is the month of August! What does it mean?

It means I am going to celebrate my birthday every day for the month of August!

PD sent the Lechon picture via email. I want that as my birthday cake!

God help me! I hope I don't fill up like a balloon and burst!

I wanted my family to try my Pancit Palabok. I recently learned how to cook it.

They loved it! PD liked it and my Kuya said I am wasting my talent and should earn from it.

Most of you know me by now, I feel so pressured when people pay me for the food I cook.

But if I cook for the sake of love, then I feel wonderful about it.

While I cooked the Palabok, I also fried the chicken...

And the bacon slice. Kuya's special request.

Gilly gushed over my Lumpiang Shanghai!

She kept on saying how much she loved it!

My Ate brought the Tokwa't Baboy.

I have a new favorite bagoong! It has the picture of Nova Villa on the label. I bought it in Landmark.

FGM Cindy dropped by to give her pasalubong from HK. One of them was the Chocolate.

I am trying so hard to develop the virtue of generosity. I even composed a short morning prayer.

"Dear God, please teach me to be generous until it does not hurt anymore."

I really feel bad when I have to share especially my chocolates!

And then my Ate got 1/3 of my chocolate bar!!!!

Oh my dear Lord! It really hurts so much!

Hahahahaha Ate gave it back and I cut the 1/3 portion into 6 little pieces for everybody.

I am still "trying" to be generous. That is why I need to pray to be able give with joy in my heart.

Another Happy Birthday Everyday celebration was dessert at Farmacy with Pinky, Dodai and Jodie!

Dodai - Brown Cow

Pinky - Rocky Road

Jodie - Banana Split

Would you believe I forgot to take a picture of my Hot Fudge Sundae because I was afraid it would melt so I ate it immediately!

My calendar for the month is almost filled!!! I have several birthday parties scheduled and trips!

I love every day of August!




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