Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dodai's Bulletproof Coffee

It was my first time to try Bulletproof coffee at Dodai's place last week.

I only had a few sips because I cannot take regular coffee, only decaffeinated but it was enough.

My interest was piqued.

She used freshly ground coffee beans from Germany, Emborg butter,

pure virgin coconut oil,

beef gelatine

And coco sugar.

An immersion stick blender was used.

Ohhh it was so creamy!!! Like a latte sans milk!

I read about the high octane bulletproof coffee which uses XCT oil and not the generic MCT ( medium chain triglycerides) coconut oil. They also use butter from grass fed cows and coffee with low toxicity.

It is supposed to help with weight loss because it can replace a meal.

I like Dodai's version for the pure enjoyment of the beverage and not for weight loss that is why I only got the regular coconut oil.

Bulletproof Decaf Coffee

1 C. Decaf Coffee

1 T. Unsalted butter

1 T. Pure virgin coconut oil, cold-pressed

1-3 t. Gelatine

1-2 t. Coco sugar

Put all the ingredients into a tall mug. Blend with the immersion stick.

I went shopping and bought my ingredients.

Decaf coffee, coco sugar, pure coconut oil.

Dodai said the ingredients should read : pure virgin coconut oil

And the process used should be cold-press.

Ferna Gelatine

Unsalted butter.

The first time I made my own coffee this morning with the immersion stick blender , it splattered all over the place!

Dodai said I should totally immerse the stick blender into the cup to prevent that.

I just used a tall mixing bowl instead tonight.

My own Bulletproof coffee!!!!

To show the creaminess of the coffee, I used a glass.

Hahahahaha It makes me want to sing, Titanium!

I'm bulletproof

Nothing to lose

Fire away

Fire away

I am Titanium!!!!


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