Monday, August 24, 2015

Yabu Date with FGM Cindy

I had a date with FGM this evening. She told me I could choose any restaurant I like. It was ner birthday treat to me.

My choice for tonight was Yabu in Rockwell.

I have not eaten there in months! But I made up for it big time!

I had the 180 g. Rosu

And the Oysters!

I had several servings of the soup plus I ate rice!!!

FGM ordered the Black Prawn Set.

OH Goodness! After dinner, I thought they would have to wheel me out!

I was as big as a house and it felt like I was about to give birth!

My stomach got so huge! Hahahaha Even larger than my chest and that IS something!

When I got to the Bibliarasal after, I took an antacid, Maalox Plus from my friend. They also told me to drink Sprite. I felt so much better afterwards.

Thank you so much FGM Cindy!

You truly are a Fairy God Mother!



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