Monday, November 14, 2011

Boracay! Yay!!!!!

Yay! I just came back from my Happy Place, my 8th visit in 2 years to my most favorite island on Earth.

My friends, Celine and Mona were with me.  We had so much fun and very relaxing at that.  They are Boracay veterans already because it was not their first time.

 As soon as I checked in to our hotel, I unloaded our snacks,

I brought the Pringles and Herrs and the Ate of Celine gave us the nacho chips and the no-name cheese curls which was very good!!!  Thank you, Gina!

We stayed at Willys Beach Hotel, across the most photographed place in the island, Willys Rock.

They actually have a land title for that rock formation.  It is a simple, clean, no frills, mid-range hotel but very convenient.

We loved the location because of the proximity to the Church and Jonahs Fruit Shakes!!!!

Our first destination was Puka Beach,

voted as CNNs top 50 beaches of the world.

It is on the Northern tip of the island.

Quite deserted except for a few tourists.  The sand was not as fine as the one from White beach but rather coarse and grainy because they were puka shells, ground finely by the ocean waves.  It  was so beautiful and peaceful.  There were a few dining establishments and we chose the Sea Shore Grill restaurant to have our lunch.

When I was doing my research on where to eat in Boracay, I realized, I have eaten already in the MUST eat places.  I decided on this trip to just eat native island food: grilled meat and fresh seafood.

We ordered Prawns Sinigang

and Inihaw na Liempo.

I love sinigang, I always have to try it when I see in the menu.  The vegetables were cooked just right! I wonder how many minutes did they boil the eggplant?  My eggplant in my sinigang is usually  half cooked or over cooked.  The liempo was very tender too. 

While walking along White Beach at sunset,

I spotted a Manong selling grilled food!

Celine and I  bought hotdog on a stick.

We also tried Loco Frio.

I had the Strawberry Kiwi sans the alcohol and Celine had the Lime Margarita with a jigger each of vodka and triple sec.  The guy behind the counter took our picture and he said we will be the star of the day in their FB page on November 15!!!  Let us see if it is true.  So we better check their FB page.

We were so lazy to go out anymore so we just had our dinner at the hotel.

Pancit Bam-i - really, really good

and Beef Bulalo soup.

I left Mona and Celine at our hotel room after dinner, they were getting ready for our clubbing.  I went to D Mall to buy a few things at the grocery, Budget Mart.  I also tried the Mang Inasal chicken.  My friend, Mico, said it tasted so much better than the ones in Manila.

I also had my dessert at T-braz.  Just a plain Nutella crepe.

It is one of those must eat places but the food was just all right for me.

We went to Summer Place before midnight.  I  do not drink alcohol that was why I only ordered bottled water.  We did not like the crowd, mostly girls and their guests, if you know what I mean.

We moved to Epic and I ordered corn dogs.  GREASY!!!

My friends had another round of San Mig light.

Breakfast at the hotel was Buffet style.

As long as I could eat bacon, that was enough for me.

LOL I had a processed meat breakfast.

The whole day was just spent lounging around and swimming.  A quick trip to Jonahs to drink our favorite shake,

Mona had the Mango, Celina had the Banana Choco Peanut shake, which she loved very much, and I had the Mango Papaya shake,

Would you believe we were too lazy to do anything, so we ordered again the Pancit Bam-i!

We liked it the night before so we went for seconds.

Plus, we were still full from our late breakfast.

Another highlight of the trip was the Paraw Sailing while the sun was setting.


It was the treat of Celine.

Thank you!

I had a super dooper time sailing.   Mona did not join us because she has an injured shoulder.

I love Paraw sailing!  My 3rd time already. 

I took a picture of my feet as proof that I was with Celine while sailing.

Another spectacular sunset in Boracay.

Dinner was at the D Talipapa. We bought our seafood in the market and had it cooked at Aquafresh.

Chili Crabs - Celine said she liked my version better but I love the crabs in Boracay, so sweet and succulent.

Prawns from the sea with butter and garlic.

Adobong pusit.

We headed to Jungle Bar after 10 pm, at the other side of the island...  In the middle of the jungle hahaha.  When we got there, not much people partying so we just went to Club Paraw instead which was teeming with activities and fun, great DJ and music.

Time seemed so short when you are on vacation.  It was our last day and Mona did not swim anymore because her flight was early on that day.  Celine left after a couple of hours.  We had our last hurrah shake at Jonahs, I got the mango milk and she got the Banana Vanilla  Peanut shake before heading to the port.

I still had a couple of hours left.  I was sad for a few moments because my friends were on their way home but then, I know how to entertain myself.  Who can be sad in paradise???

My lunch in the nearby restaurant, Obama, was grilled tuna belly.  I liked the way they cooked it,  not dry at all!!!!

I have been to Boracay several times already and as usual, each time was different.  My friends said I should get a house but I do not want to live there.  What will I do? I cannot lounge under the sun all day and drink mango shake.

Boracay is like a best friend I only see once in a while.  I always enjoy my time with my friend and yet it is not enough.  I did not want to leave yet but knowing I will be back soon was such a comfort.

During my last dip in the ocean, I looked up in the sky and around the crystal blue waters and said:  Thank you, God!

Boracay! We will see each other again!!!

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