Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Masuki, Megamall

I could not wait to wake up last night.  I wanted to go to Megamall to eat at Masuki.

I know, it was crazy to google pictures of food in the middle of the night .... but I could not help myself. 

It was just a quick trip, I did not bring my car anymore because that would take longer.... the fastest way to get to Megamall was by riding the MRT from Buendia Station.  It only took 7 minutes!  Hahahaha It would take me longer to switch lanes in EDSA.

I just ordered their JUMBO siomai.  4 pieces!!!

I should have just gotten 2 pieces because they were really bigger than usual.

I love their siomai because the meat is pinkish in color!

Perhaps they added ham?

I also got the Asado siopao, another favorite of mine.

The dough was sweet and not dry plus the filling was also very tasty!

Ate it with their sweet brown sauce.


 It is also the sauce for the siomai but you have to add kalamansi and a little soy sauce.

I was really very full after eating those yummy treats!  That is my problem at times, I get so full easily and cannot eat a lot at one time but would rather eat often.

I can categorically say .... I had a QUICKIE for lunch!!!!


  1. OMG i wanna try the siopao and siomai!! <#

  2. Replies
    1. you should try their Original Mami ( chicken and asado toppings) put lots of their brown sauce. Masuki or Ma Mon luk original location on downtown and QC. whenever I go to downtown manila I always have their original mami ( big) hehehe

  3. There's one in Megamall? Wow! Hope they open a branch in MOA too. =)

  4. Yes! They have a branch in Megamall, basement level near Ace Hardware.

  5. Yes, they will be opening a branch in MOA too before the end of this year!

  6. Good to know they will open in Moa. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. I didn't like the original mami; it has a funny smell. Well, I've read that the mami really has a "distinct" smell and I won't mind if it's a nice smell. In this case, the smell was more of revolting than nice. Then again, maybe it's just me, but I would definitely not order their original mami again.