Monday, November 21, 2011

Omakase, Ayala Triangle

My friends (Celine and Mona) and I had dinner at Omakase last weekend.  This is a late post because I was sick last Sunday.  I am still a bit dizzy now, suffering from vertigo but not as bad as yesterday.  We also watched the light show at the Ayala Trianlge.

I have been wanting to eat at Omakase but I cannot eat a lot of sushi all by myself.  So, I took the opportunity when I had company.  I researched in blogs what to order.

Seafood Dumplings

American Dream - salmon with Philadelphia cream cheese

Spider Maki - soft shelled crab

Tuna Sashimi

Omakase Soup

Plain Miso Soup


Panama Orange Tea

Celine and I wanted Uni sashimi but they ran out.  The food we ordered tasted good but I did not realize that most of them were deep-fried.  I do not eat deep fried food if I can help it.  As usual, we enjoyed ourselves because we love the company of each other.

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