Saturday, March 5, 2011

Boracay ... the journey... the surprise and the degree of happiness.


My favorite place in the entire world ... my personal happy place.  I love it so very much. I don't know why... what's not to love?  Beautiful beach...

.... lots and lots of food... and a new experience each time.

The "journey" to my favorite island was a little bumpy in the beginning.  I was all set and packed when I received a text message at midnight from Cebu Pacific that my 9:15 am flight to Caticlan was canceled!  Instead, a new itinerary was given to me, an 11:15 am flight to Kalibo.  Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!  There was a free shuttle bus from Kalibo airport to the Caticlan jetty port but they let me ride the bus from hell!!!  It was so hot inside the bus, I think they only used the blower.  I removed my hoodie and was just wearing my tank top.

Good thing though, I never travel light ... I had lots and lots of "baon" in my carry on I never went hungry during my bus trip from hell.

I brought the new cheese curls by Jack N Jill ... it tastes better than Cheetos.

My favorite "lola biskwit" Manna ... it's like Prima Toasts but easier on the teeth.


Pork floss bread from Bread Talk.

My chocolate chip cookies.

Belgian  chocolate wafer roll.

....assorted treats from Tita Portia and the most important "pabaon" of all ....

... the little envelope!!!

I did not arrange for airport transfer, I was just "winging" it.  When I got down from the bus, I just followed the foreigners.  We paid the environmental fee, terminal fee and the fast craft boat ride, which took only 7 minutes.  I rode the tricycle when I got to Cagban jetty port in Boracay.  Told the trike driver to take me to Boracay Beach Resort, he even asked the other drivers where it was. I told him it was beside The Red Coconut. Imagine! I am not a native of the island but knew where it was.  I'm mighty proud of myself!

The moment I laid my eyes on the beach ... the nightmare of the bus ride was all forgotten... totally erased from my mind.  As usual .... the sight was breath taking!

I couldn't wait to take a dip!  But first things first....  I checked into The Boracay Beach Resort, Station One.

 Then .... off to my Boracay Adventure!!!  I was so hungry, it was already 3:00 pm.  The snack I had in the bus was not enough.  I  went to D'Mall and ate at Fish bar.

  I tried their fish and chips.  The fish was sooo huge!!!  About 12 inches long!!!

I asked for lemon butter sauce but they only gave me  Malt vinegar, the order came with tartar sauce.  I only finished half of my fish.  I was in a hurry to change into my swim suit.

I can not describe the feeling of wading into the shore... then finally plunging into the cool waters of Boracay!!!  I wanted to freeze the moment for a while.  Then .... when I lifted my head from underneath.... I  looked up at the sky and said : Thank you, God!!!!

That is always my best Boracay experience every time I am there.

I had the "surprise" of my life! After my initial dip.... I got my towel from my lounger...

... dried my face then when I opened my eyes, my friend Celine was standing right in front of me!!!!  I couldn't believe it! Well .... I knew she was in front of me but I still couldn't believe it!  It was quite embarrassing ... lots of people around us and I was squealing like a piglet!!! She flew in from Canada the night before and the next day joined me in Boracay.  Normally, when I book a room I always book for single occupancy but this time, I do not know why I booked for 2 pax.
Hahahaha just a little side note .... I texted my friends in Manila and told them someone picked me up!!!  hahaha  Then ... after a while ... I sent another text message saying ... we are in bed already and will text you the details later.  Hahahahahaha  I never realized I have friends with very dirty minds!  Mawi even texted Celine "in Canada" and said: Celine, I'm very worried about our friend, she just landed in Boracay and was  already "picked up"! And she said they are in bed now and will text me the details later!!!"  

It was so hilarious, Celine and I were laughing out loud.  She was in bed resting because of "jet lag" while I was watching American Idol.  We sent them a picture .... and they started calling us!  Hahaha  Calling us all sorts of names because we tricked them!  Hahahaha  Well .... they were the ones who were thinking already of sordid details... I just sent them a couple of innocent text messages.

People have this assumption that I go to Boracay often because I'm fishing for a man.  Not so true ... maybe 10% true only but I'm very shy and don't talk to strangers often unless she is a senior citizen or a woman my age.  I go to Boracay to enjoy the water and the food!!!

We had our first dinner at the I Love BBQ Backyard at D'Mall.

We shared an order of Sizzling Bulalo and buttered corn.

  We also ate gelato at Aria Gelato...

.... this is a new shop just beside Aria.  I had the Cherries and Celine ordered the calamansi sorbet.

We walked along the White Beach after dinner .... saw the fire dancers ..

...they were really great!  Then saw the chori burger vendor and told Celine she has to try it! We both ordered the sweet and spicy.  I was not able to take a picture, though.

Breakfast at the hotel was a pleasant experience ... you dine under the umbrella

... facing the beach.

We spent the whole morning swimming!!! We "swam/walked in the water" up to the very end of Station One.  I even reached the foot path going to Diniwid Beach.  A new experience for me.  We did not realize it was noon already and got hungry.  We had no money, where would we put it?  We were just wearing our swim suits.  We saw a Taho vendor and asked if we could order 2 cups and leave money at the front desk of our hotel.  He said YES!!!!   People in Boracay are very nice, Juri, the vendor did not even know us but trusted us... that he would be able to collect his 60 pesos.  BTW... everything is very expensive in Boracay... I also bought an ice lolly from a vendor in the afternoon and it cost 40 pesos!!! Whereas in Manila, I would only pay 12 pesos for the ice lolly.

The reason why I went to Boracay was to eat at Nagisa Coffee shop again.  I really love their Mixed Tempura.

I also ordered the Tonkatsu

... but did not like it so much.

The highlight of my trip...

... others would go to the island for the water sports ... I go to the island for the "eating sports"!!!

Everybody's favorite past time in Boracay is to stroll along White Beach and wait for the sunset.  I took a gazillion shots of the sunset and was lucky to capture a lone sail boat with the beautiful sun about to go down the horizon as the background.

I always to go Jonah's for their fruit shake.   It is nothing special as I've mentioned in my previous Boracay posts but a visit is not complete without trying their fruit shakes.  I had the mango banana shake.

As usual ... I got hungry from swimming and walking all day long.  I saw in their menu they had the Filipino Beef Steak!!!

The serving was big but it was such a disappointment, meat was tough and I did not like the taste.  I want the "bistek" of our childhood cook, Manang Tess!!! :((

I was not prepared to have a beach buddy and for the Boracay night life.  When I'm alone, after dinner ... I would be locked in my hotel room by 9:00 pm.  I'm a Boracay day person.. not a night owl.  Celine and I had our "midnight" (10  pm) snack at The Red Coconut, just 2 stones away from our resort.  I had the Tomato Basil soup ( I like mine better!!!)

Celine had a couple of Mojitos and we shared a wood-oven baked Pizza Margherita,

... the best Pizza in the island... according to the waitress.  I'm not much of a pizza fan but had to try  the "best" pizza.

The last morning was spent in the water.  I thought I wanted to have a tan but even with sun block I still got a nasty sun burn!!!!  I wore my rash guard on the last day.  Up to now... as I am writing this post ... I'm still suffering from the rays of the sun.

But.... it was all worth it ... I could bear with the inconvenience... not really painful.

Last meal in the island was at the Hawaiian Bar-B-Que.

I've eaten there before with my Ate but I love the ribs ... it is not something one person could finish... so I took advantage of having a beach buddy with me.

We had our dessert at Zuzuni

Chocolate Sin

....  funny ... as I was entering the restaurant... I heard someone whispering to me, "Chocolate Sin"... maybe my brain was just talking out loud  hahaha.

I did not want to leave Boracay yet ....

I felt 3 days were not enough to eat your way around the island!!!  Still lots of places I have not tried.(BIG GRIN) Good thing I am going back again at the end of the month!

The "degree of happiness" when I am in Boracay is infinite ... immeasurable.  It is a place I would want to go back to again and again, I do not want to live there, though.  I always get asked, "Lia, why do love going to Boracay all the time?"  It is a feeling I can't explain ... I can't describe.  How do you describe a color to a blind person?  I suppose if you are a Boracay lover like me, you would understand.

Take note, I did not use "beach lover",  I've been to several beaches already but nothing can compare to my Boracay .... my happy place.


  1. Boracay food ROCKS!!! great,great post, lia and terrific pictures!-juana 'juana

  2. Ay inggit ako! Kainis, bakit kasi nandito ako at wala dyan? waaahhhhh!!!!!!

    Btw, Lia, I got the fb link to your pics. Thanks for sharing.

    Celina, ano'ng ginagawa mo dyan? Babalik ka pa ba? Pinlano mo ba na tapatan ang punta ni LIa? O accidental meeting? Galing naman nagkita kayo!

    Basta, pag uwi ko, punta tayo sa Boracay ha?

  3. Thanks, J!

    BAM! I was super surprised by Celine. When you visit the Phil., let's go to Boracay!