Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Chel!

Happy Birthday, Chel!  Long over due post.... she celebrated her birthday last March 14.  I have been so busy the whole week, this is the only time I can write my post.  Hehehe  busy with eating every day!!!

I invited Chel for a Tempura lunch last Sunday.  I cooked Mixed Tempura for her.  As I've mentioned in my older posts... you are a special person if I  cook it for you because the preparation is quite tedious.  The vegetables I used were eggplant, carrots, sitaw and sweet potato ... which reminds me ... I still have to replace the sweet potato I borrowed from my sister in law who is my neighbor.

We were looking at Lisa's email photos and we got envious of her Domino's Thin Crust pizza.  We shared an order of Pepperoni Pizza with extra Cheese.  So Yum! The crust was craker thin and so much cheese you can not even see the pepperoni slices anymore.

The next day, to celebrate Chel's birthday, my friends and I had lunch at Chelsea Market and Cafe, Serendra.

Foccacia with Roasted Garlic

Chelsea Greek Panko Crusted Feta Cheese Salad

Roasted Portobello Mushroom Pizza

Beer Battered Fish Fillet

Truffled 3-Mushroom Cream Fetuccine - I want to go back and eat this again.

Pasta Vongole

Iced Latte

We went to Gelatissimo for dessert.... Marianne ordered the espresso with vanilla ice cream.

Chel's Birthday cupcake.

 I forgot to take a picture of my melon sorbet.

It was nice to be with Chel as she celebrated a milestone.  Happy Birthday, Chel!!!! 

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