Friday, March 18, 2011

Cebu Lechon and Pochero

I took a day trip to Cebu last March 15.  Yes! It was a day trip.  I left Manila at 8:00 am and arrived in Cebu at 9:00 am.  Some of my friends were teasing me that I was a "jet-setter" for going on a day trip just to eat Lechon!  I was already eating my porky brunch at 10:00 am!  Hahahahaha maybe what they really wanted to say was that I am "matakaw".

My goal was to  eat Zubuchon Lechon first, but when I called them from the airport, they were not yet open. Not wanting to waste time... I just decided to go to CNT across SM Cebu.  I ordered 1/2 K... 

Told them I want the belly rib part with crunchy skin.

I was not disappointed!  The crunchy skin had the perfect layer of fat.

The meat was soooo tasty i.e. extremely salty... that is why you need the vinegar dipping sauce to equalize.  If there is such as thing as brain freeze when drinking a very cold beverage... I had the Lechon brain freeze equivalent with regards to the saltiness... but .. that is what Cebu Lechon is all about .. it is already very well seasoned you do not need the liver sauce anymore, just the vinegar-soy sauce.

I did not want to eat an all pork lunch so.... to appease my guilty conscience .. I also ordered a teeny weeny bit of Lumpiang Ubod.

I was the only one having brunch.

 But towards lunch time, more people came and ordered  boxes and boxes of  Lechon.

 I saw one table with 4 college students and I almost gasped out loud.  You want to know what I saw on their table?!?!?!  They did not eat the SKIN of the Lechon!!!

Of course I know eating too much fat is bad so  I asked for a glass of hot water and whipped out my decaffeinated Green Tea.

I crossed to SM Cebu after I had my brunch.

  Went around a bit, had ice cream at Pipo's gelato ...

White Chocolate flavor.

 I was tired and did not want to walk around the mall.  I had a little snack at Lai Garden Teahouse.

Just ordered 4 pieces of assorted siomai and they gave me a big pot of tea.

  Hahahaha I was just waiting to become hungry again so I can go for another round of Lechon.

When I got to Banilad Town Center,  I bought 1 kilo of Zubuchon Lechon, Zubuchon Lechon according to Anthony Bourdain is the best roasted pig in the world! 

  Mayette asked me to buy so we could eat it for dinner at my house. 

They even gave  reheating instructions.  The skin was really crunchy like the rind of the chicharon... but the meat for me was too "herby".  That was also the comment of Kuya Al, bro in law of Celina, when I asked him about it.  They even used fancy herbs and olive oil.  It was like eating Italianni's food... remember I am not a fan of herby /Olive Oil/ balsamic vinegar combination.

From Banilad Town center, I took a short cab ride to the I.T. park, just across the Waterfront Hotel.  I ate at Abuhan Tres. Candy recommended this branch.

Their specialty is the "pochero", in the vernacular, it is better known as Bulalo soup.

It was a huge serving in a huge bowl.  Upon inspection ... I noticed there was no bone marrow ... meaning... it did not have...... ????  When I am upset, I think and swear in English.... I was having a conversation with myself when I suddenly blurted out loudly " WHERE IS THE MARROW?????"  hahahaha  the waiter panicked and said, Ma'am!!! Wait! Wait!!!  When he came back ... he gave me a small bowl with marrow in it.

He got a very heartfelt, Thank you!!!

The marrow was like butter!   Golden yellow in color... not the light/whitish marrow when you buy from the grocery.... and the taste!!!! How do I describe it!???  I asked for patis, calamansi and red chile.  Perfect with the hot soup!!!  I thought I would not be able to finish the meat since I am not much of a beef lover but I was wrong!  The meat was falling off the bone  ... the "litid" (tendon?) was not gummy... it was just delish!  I bet my niece, Gilly, would love the soup.

Final destination was Ayala Mall before heading back to the airport to buy the pasalubong from Metro Supermarket.

I got Yaya Hermie the Otap.  I asked her what she wanted in Cebu before I left.  Celine asked me to buy her the squid flakes.

The rosquillos for my Kuya

... and the most terrible pasalubong of all ... the chicharon from Carcar for Tita Portia and Ate Gina.

I did not want them to get sick so divided it into two.

I always buy preserved meat when I am in Cebu.... I bought King's Bacon

Shopper's Pride bacon

and King's luncheon meat. 

I left the city before 4:00 p.m.   When I got down  from the cab at the airport,  I saw a stall selling Ayer's Lechon.

I immediately called Mayette, she asked me to taste the Lechon.  I did and told her  I would rate it between CNT and Zubuchon Lechon.  Bought another kilo of Lechon for her.

I checked in lite...  I never thought I would be bringing home lots of things!  When I went to the ladies room, I had to juggle my packages, did not want to put them on the floor of the rest room.  Just use your imagination how I did it!  hahahaha

I was able to eat 3 kinds of Cebu Lechon and "Pochero".  Not bad for a Cebu day tripper!

P.S.  It took me several days to finish my post because I ran out of GB allotment ... had to purchase from Google 20 GB.


  1. Your post made me miss Cebu more... :(

    Hope I can visit again soon, so I can eat all the lechon I can eat too! hahaha!


  2. Hi, Marianne! I hope to try Rico's! Some people say it's the best Cebu Lechon! We should have a Lechon party after lent and share 1 whole pig!

  3. Para akong hihimatayin sa picture # 3 & 4 and the bowl of marrow and carcar! :-) Pasyens ka na alam mo naman na kambing ako. :-) I'm glad you had a good time on your day trip to Cebu. Wow! Kung nandiyan ako, sasabit ako sa 'yo pero ang pagpe pyestahan ko fish tocino at lapad. I miss those!