Friday, August 27, 2010

Boracay Birthday Weekend Part 1

Happy Birthday to me everyday!!! Hahahaha Well just an hour to go. I got into trouble celebrating my birthday everyday! I already bought my outfit for the beach a month ago. Good thing I did a dress rehearsal Wednesday night and Lo! and Behold! Some of the clothes I bought didn't fit me! I gained a "little" weight so I had to do an impromtu shopping yesterday.

I was so excited last night I barely slept! I think about 2 hours only. So.... I boarded the plane already and 2 rows behind me I could hear a flute being played by a small boy! I couldn't start my rosary because I was so distracted. I told the steward "Maingay yung bata! Sabihin mo bawal flute sa plane!" hehehe after a few seconds, no more flute sound. Heavenly.

I have a funny flute story. Years ago, my friends and I were on our way to Baguio when I decided to bring my new bamboo flute, to entertain all my friends along the way. Hahaha I never realized how annoying it sounded. My friends really love me hahaha But friendship has a limit... Finally, my friend, Jones - Aura's husband said: Lia! pag nagpreno ako masusubsob ka sa flute na yan!" hahahahahaha so I had to stop playing in the van... but continued when we got to
the house in Baguio. It IS a good thing if I know how to play!!! But I just bought the thing the day before. So use your imagination how I sounded.

I told myself, the first meal I was going to eat when I get to Boracay was the Hawaiian Barbecue ribs!!! But then .... I told my Ate I felt like eating at D'Talipapa. That is equivalent to our Dampa where you buy your own seafood, bring it to a "restaurant" and they charge you for cooking.

It was my first time to eat salt water shrimps and it had "aligue"!!!!

Shrimp with Butter and Garlic

We also ordered Chili Crabs

and Steamed Oysters.

For dessert (Yes! I know I can't have any but I'm on vacation.) we had the:

Don Vito Italian Gelato

Caramel Cheesecake from Cafe del Sol

Calamansi Muffin from Real Coffee.

The "eating" was not yet over! We had the Dinner Buffet at Seawind.

I always eat vegetables now, so I got a little plate of salad. No wonder the Korean girls were so sexy! They just ate salad! Ate said ... look at what bugs bunny is getting! Then I looked at the salad station, the Korean girl was just getting tons and tons of carrots and leaves with no dressing! And they look like they were enjoying their food. I told Ate: "Siguro ang sungit natin kung salad lang kainin."

I liked their chicken chowder because it did not taste like they just opened a can of soup. Had 2 servings. Had real bits of chicken and vegetables.

I also liked their pork barbecue! Mayette would have loved the thinly sliced porkchop and then grilled. Sorry, dark picture.

I had to try their Spaghetti Bolognese.

My Ate and I love oysters but we had to control ourselves, too much will give us an upset stomach.They gave me 3 dipping sauces: melted butter, browned garlic in olive oil and vinegar with onions and soy sauce.

I had the salt water shrimps again with aligue!

Salad Station

Grilled meat and seafood Station

Pasta Station

Dessert Station

When I wake up it is going to be my birthday already! Yay! Ate and I plan to eat in all the places we want! I'm on a diet holiday again!

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  1. Have fun! Enjoy your birthday weekend in Boracay! Happy Birthday again! :-)