Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday Culinary Club

I thought of a name for our weekly get together! Thursday Culinary Club!

We can't call it baking or cooking club because there is also eating and a little drinking! 

My students for today were Pinky and Carrie.


Lesson: Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Pinky was the sponsor for our ingredients today.

I asked them to measure the ingredients. They took turns. They practically did everything.  I just guided them.




Freshly baked cookies with dark chocolates and semi sweet chocolates.


I had all the fixings for cua pao except the buns! I asked my students to help me. 


They were very good considering it was their first time to make the buns.





Freshly steamed buns.   


Pinky cut classes again and left Carrie to do all the work.


From the moment they arrived, we were eating non stop!

Chips and soda for my breakfast. They had pancit. 

Lunch was Adobo I cooked the night before.


And Mona asked Hermie to cook Patola soup with Miswa.


Cristina arrived after lunch! Our dessert was ice cream which Carrie brought and the cookies we baked!


Thank you for my new Thermos (with an S) from Japan, Dra. Cristina!


1st merienda was chips and soda! I loved the new chips Cristina bought in Rustan's Ayala, Ripples by Jack and Jill Calbee. She also got us my request, Raffles Sour Cream and Onions.


2nd Merienda. Eileen brought our favorite turon!


It was time to eat the cua pao!


And then.... Happy Hour time when Doc BF arrived! I asked Dodai if I could have 2 T. of white wine because I need it for the chicken liver pate. She brought a whole bottle and everybody enjoyed it. 




 Mommy Jodie of Carrie arrived just in time for dinner!


Dinner time! Pinky cooked Lola's Pork ribs..... The meat was falling off the bones and so tender!


(Please forgive the bad lighting.)

And she fried the Lumpiang Shanghai she made this morning!


Loved it, Pinky!!!! Thank you!


And lastly.... Coffee and cookies for our night cap!


Whew! I never knew I could get tired from eating all day!

I think we are all going to get fat(ter) because of the Thursday Culinary Club!

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