Saturday, May 14, 2016

Thursday Baking Club

I have a new group.  It is called, The Thursday Baking Club!


My friends wanted to learn how to bake so we decided to meet every other Thursday so I can teach them.

Before the lessons started, my 2 new kusineras, Carrie and Pinky, cooked Pork Sinigang.


Mona fried the Daing the bangus.  I really love the fish from their market.

I asked them if they wanted to eat healthy or not healthy food. 

Of course, they all chanted, Not Healthy!

I made the aligue sauce for the daing na bangus.




The first lesson was how to bake Sans Rival.  I told them the degree of difficulty is 10/10.

My students had fun separating the yolks from the egg whites.





We scooped the merangue on the baking sheets and flattened it with an offset spatula.



After baking the merangue, they frosted the sans rival.  We let it sit in the freezer for several hours.


We made personal sized  sans rival so everybody can have their own.


Pinky made a big one because that was one of my birthday gifts to her.


Next lesson was Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls.


My students cut classes and let teacher Lia do the work.

Jing and Sherman dropped by.


Dra. Cristina did the frosting. She was also our photographer.




It was time to eat a very late merienda! Doc Bernie came back after work.  Jodie was able to join us, as well.  


She picked up her daughter, Carrie.

Fish balls!


Doc Bernie was our manong vendor! Endless refill of fishballs.



Then we ate all the baked products.

We were so full afterwards!

I cannot wait for the next baking session!

I hope my students learned something from teacher Lia!


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