Sunday, May 1, 2016

Date With Gilly and Sophie

It is very seldom that Gilly and Sophie can join us when Pd, Ate and I have lunch.  So it was a rare treat to be with them.  


We had lunch at Fireside By Kettle.


We love the Buttermilk Chicken Fingers. Huge HUGE HUGE serving! We did not even finish our order!

Dessert was at Karen's Kitchen in Kapitolyo!

PD with Karen.



PD wanted to try their Afternoon Tea.



My favorite from Karen's Kitchen is their Chocolate Ganache Cake.


I used to order it when their commissary was still in Palm Village.

Gilly tried the Amaretto Cheesecake.


Sophie only had brewed coffee! I told her not to drink too much caffeine because it might stunt her growth! She is only 17!

I hope I get to spend more time with the girls but they said their summer break schedule is already full!

Hayyyy..... People nowadays are so busy! Even I cannot find time to read books anymore!

I don't know why time is never enough.  

PD and I went to Deovir, paint and art supplies store in Megamall, the other day.  We used to paint in our spare time.

I asked her, you still have spare time?????  Would you rather paint or FB?

FB won hands down!

So, we treasure the few times spent with the family.  

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